Teaser reveals entire car front 32 mega pixel camera in the phone Mi CC 9

Use company Shao to launch the released first mark CC commercial on the 2nd of July, and today published a teaser of a new reveals the camera front 32 mega pixel camera in the phone Mi CC 9.

Phone Mi CC 9 is the version of Shao-the first of its brand new smart phones, which appeared in a promotional video during the last period already, today, the Chinese giant new details about the phone in the teaser posted on Weibo.

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I have brought Shao previously highlighted the main features for the Mi CC new business that comes to focus on young people with innovative design, fun and more in cameras.

Also confirmed the teaser which was published today, also on to phone Mi CC 9 comes with features more in the full car selfie with the improvements in the style trade all the car selfies possible to accurately 32 mega pixel camera.

Also from the article that supports the pattern of trade and the new in the camera to soften the normal skin, as projections indicate that the pattern of trade comes with a new set of filters.

Certainly there are a lot of details that are not clear about the phone Mi CC 9 until now, however, the projections indicate more ads painting from Shawnee on Weibo during the next period, which will be reviewed by their information details more about the specifications of this version.


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