Technical and law: is it time to branch technical taste that’s more bitter?

التقنية والقانون: هل آن الأوان لتتجرع التقنية طعم هذا المزيج المُر ؟

A mistake to think that the decisions of the United States government the latter directed against the Chinese company Huawei precedent of its kind in the history of the legal conflicts faced by technology companies in the world over the past years, but no such decision is also precedent in the history of the conflict of legal and legislative between US technology companies and Chinese. But this does not deny that these recent decisions represent probably the peak of that suffering or such a defining moment that everybody started in – market technical – understands the scale of the suffering expected of the impact of laws and legislation.

We will first briefly the reasons that put China’s Huawei in its current position , which makes them prohibited entirely from dealing with the companies and the United States both the sale and purchase or cooperation and contracts with American companies. Due date of the final decision to over the whole year and specifically during the period that increased the limit on trade between the United States and China are distinct in the escalation of the reciprocal with regard to the customs tariff for the products exchanged between the two states. During that period, escalated the views belong to security sources, an American accused by the Chinese company to sell products in category of wireless networks in the American market bear the risk of security doors in the background to allow the Chinese government to spy on those networks remotely, in spite of the oil constant by Huawei that American allegations, except that it increased the limit after the launch of Huawei for their products of networks of the fifth generation of mobile phones.

Let’s move beyond that we quickly go back in time, and we stay in the same life Your of the Chinese market, which always has caused the company to American legal hassles are many other the latest of which was the Prohibition of the Chinese government to sell all phones iPhone in China with the exception of the last generation after Qualcomm filed a complaint to one Chinese courts relating to certain intellectual property rights used by Apple in the iPhone.

And that wasn’t the trouble only faced by Apple in China over the past few years, it has been phones iPhone always on a lot of legislation that make put those phones in the Chinese market in the end more expensive and difficult among them to prevent service Facetime the duty of the police to put the issue of special phone carrying dual SIM cards due to lack of expansion card support the eSIM in China.

Suffered American companies many other than the legislation of laws and the problems of multiple legal in China by the from Google which was blocked most of their services profitable and widespread, the search service in 2020 and YouTube in 2009, in China for reasons of lack of commitment to the company what you want China to impose its filtering of search results, and videos that do not comply with the policies of the Chinese government or those that put them in critical positions, and in 2012 blocking China all Google services as a whole for similar reasons.

If you haven’t heard from before this date need trouble between American technology companies and Chinese due to legislation and laws imposed by governments of countries between now and then you might wonder, why the raised resolution are hype huge, right? Or more accurately, why care about you as a user of the decision this time, and about the development of his activities?

The answer lies simply in that those decisions and legislation were always arising to some extent from the engines of the economy, the Chinese government realized corporate America that strives to benefit financially from China’s huge market, the United States is trying to make the most economic possible of the Chinese companies that always have a competitive advantage concerning the price of their products. This time only, go the conflict of the American market and the Chinese to the whole world due to the massive proliferation of phones Huawei Android system and this team successful from the soil on the display of the smart phone market in the world, which means that users everywhere in the world will be affected by the outcome of the conflict this time.

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