Technical devices that rely on solar energy; overview

الأجهزة التقنية التي تعتمد على الطاقة الشمسية؛ نبذة عامة

Interest in alternative energy has become a global topic, it may be odd to know that a country like Yemen has become a consume solar products significantly, while other states more advanced in the Arab region is still far from this area, not with a view to preserving the environment, but a compulsion of not being the best alternative for electricity after being interrupted for many cities because of the war.

The emergence of a lot of technical devices small (smart phones) and innovation of LED lighting (LED) has contributed to the interest in solar is the largest, they are the devices require little electrical power, so it is suitable because it relies on solar energy which is the ability of electrical transformers that produce electricity in larger quantities.

The following are some of the areas and technical products -that rely on solar energy – which appeared in the past years found its way toward the market.

Bags back, enjoy the rays of the sun

The idea is to take advantage of the surface of the bag and the fabric or leather panels, and a flexible silicon absorb sunlight and convert it into electrical energy stored in batteries for small portable or to provide small devices powered directly, it is an effective idea, especially for people who take too much oral and adventurers who make their way in the wilderness and in the arms of nature.

We had our show in a previous report, one of the projects that were funded successfully via the platform Kickstarter, is a backpack (Beam Backpack) rely on solar energy to charge your smart phone or small devices, but there are a lot of other products available in the market, each of them racing to the specifications and characteristics for customer satisfaction, the following are some of those products with the price and the situation down in the Amazon site.

  • Voltaic: evaluate (3.9) at a price of 129
  • priced at $ 99
  • ECEEN: evaluate (3.5) and the price of $ 49
  • ECEEN: evaluate (3.5) and the price of $ 139
  • EnerPlex: priced at $ 45
  • HOWO: evaluate (3.4) and the price of $ 60

There are several guides and pages published lists of those bags in more detail, you know the pros and cons of other helpful details, including the location (a Green Origin) and the location (The Adventure Junkies).

Charging phones with solar energy

It is not necessary to have a backpack with solar panels, can be used to bag your regular and slide into your next adventure, and instead (panels charging solar) and panels can be easily folded or fitted on your backpack to take advantage of the sun during the roaming charge your phone or any other device running on a voltage difference (5 volts).

A product that was well-received by users and received a lot of positive ratings on Amazon, is a device Nekteck, solar panels folding, which works efficiently up to 21 and comes with two drain outlets to charge two phones at the same time (in the best cases), I got the product on more than 400 evaluation and review with an average of (4.5) out of (5), and the price, $ 60.

There is another product called (FEELLE Solar Charge) is sold at Amazon at a price of $ 45, and it is characterized that the solar charger Bank power at the same time with a capacity of 25 thousand Milli-amp-hours, it is waterproof and contains two ports to charge two devices at the same time, this means you is capable of charging the reservoir in the daytime and then charging the phone at night.

Other products classified itself as a (power bank), but solar powered, the device BLAVOR that offers free shipping Wireless also, he is a power bank with a capacity (10000mAh) has in his face first on the solar cells to charge the cells with solar energy, and the other interface (Qi) to charge phones wirelessly (via placed above the surface), also contains suitable for wired and powerful lamp, so it is suitable for adventurers to treatments and excursions.

Can be identified on other products like this through several sources, including Page best sales in Amazon in relation to devices shipping, storage attached to solar power, there is also a guide in the location of LifeWire contains 8 selected products at varying prices.

Hybrid products (Power see)

Many of the products that use solar energy, providing the option to return the electricity of the ordinary, so take advantage of both, for example, we saw how there are chargers, banks and energy depend on solar energy and electrical, and also we later on other devices; device for solar cooking, which offers two options.

Cooking appliances with solar energy

The sun gives us heat which can be converted to electricity to move the electrons inside a metal wire, and used silicon in the process of loading those, but even without converting the sun’s energy into electricity; it can take advantage of the heat generated by the rays of the sun for other purposes, including (cooking food).

One of the Kickstarter projects that launched in July 2018, “GoSun Fusion” which is a small oven to cook the food take advantage of the rays of the sun, where the device uses the technology of vacuum tubes which absorb the sunlight and converts it to thermal energy high make what’s inside them boil easily.

The project was launched across the region in the old version, which has been a resounding success also, the modern version came device a hybrid uses solar energy to benefit in the end, Electrical for use in the evening.

The Amazon site contains other devices similar to the previous device and the cheapest of them as well, such as this, and this, and this, but there’s also another type of product that does not depend on vacuum tubes, but the panels also reflecting the rays of the sun focused on the cooking area, but live these products they require a long time to warm up, from the examples of those organizations (All American Sun Oven) or cheaper products (such asAll Season Solar Cooker)

Solar powered lighting

In relation to lighting, the options are many and varied, and in general; the use of solar energy in lighting the night is a common occurrence, as regular solar panels can be linked to batteries of 12 volts to charge it, then use LED lamps that run on 12 volts for lighting at night from the battery directly, this is the simplest forms of solar energy systems.

But there are products ready for lighting through solar energy, the devices containing inside to the battery and the solar and absorb the sunshine and charge the battery in the end to benefit from lighting at night.

There’s a wide spectrum of LEDs that are powered by solar energy, forms of different colors and some interesting, of which the middle (Flyhoom) waterproof and which comes with unique design and the status of side solar panels, there’s another quality bulbs comes the solar panel separate from and to address you mounted somewhere on the outside to be sun exposure, of which products (LightMe), which also provides the property of charging the smartphone.

Different designs and ideas out of the box, including the lamp (SUAOKI Collapsible), which take the form of like a ceiling fan but in miniature, containing three arms, each arm is a solar panel from the top and from the bottom, there is also a lamp (LUTEC) is a contemporary design which looks like a cube, where you put it on the head in the morning under the sun for charging, and then put him on his tummy in the evening for lighting.

There are also lanterns, small solar-powered, which are many, and this is a list of them:

  • TANSOREN: lamps price is $ 18 (rating of 4.7)
  • Survival Frog Pocket: small lantern shrinks easily, at a price of $ 20 (rated 4.5)
  • Camping Lantern Light: Lantern strong talking to scouts at the price of $ 12 (rating of 3.8)

Finally …

Can be lengthened article and thousands of words below to get to the end of the disease process in this complex topic, the world of solar energy and affiliate products is a world wide and huge, but enough to give you -my dear reader – this article is a quick overview on this world and on what’s hiding in the repertoire of products that may benefit them in your life present or future.

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