Technical dialogue with one of the founders of platform translation Abdul Aziz booty

1 – Let’s first learn to Abdul Aziz, the loot is outside the scope of my translation.

Abdul Aziz booty of the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, studied in 2011 at the University of MIT in Boston, USA to study Bachelor of Computer Science focusing on artificial intelligence and Economics, then a Masters in the same university a specialization in machine learning focusing on the understanding of the Arabic language automatic understanding of emotions in everyone whether positive or negative.

2 – What is the translation? What can it offer to people? Why did you choose to be a non profit organization?

شعار ترجملي
Logo translation.

My translation is a technology platform for non-profit to link displaced people affected by natural disasters translators have just around the world the aim of which is to solve the problem of refugees being in the country do not speak our native language.

All of their dealings become in a language other than their language to become when the major obstacle is the obstacle of language to complete daily transactions (legal/medical/daily with security personnel or volunteers) and minimally invasive he comes in to the communication gap using technical.

To work, there are 60 million refugees around the world living in countries other than the state, in contrast, there are more than 3 million speakers in more than one language it is a tool to bring speakers in more than one language to connect with the refugees to help them resolve the language problem, the goal is to enable the human to help human.

There was a great acceptance of the translators because there are thousands of people in the world want to contribute something more meaningful than financial donations when you see the news and go to the streets for an organization, you won’t know where did this money go and how did it benefited them and actually there is an effect for this donation? All of these things are unclear, you’re putting money in that black box and you don’t know where you’re going after.

It allows you to track The location of language skills initiative to help someone is waiting to help you at the same time, monitor the impact of your work immediately, and deal The this feature is important in a very clear way.

We choose to be a non-profit organization because there is a big gap between the technologies adopted today in the Silicon Valley (the birthplace of corporate giants and technical) it is a gap humanitarian building techniques in this area and the relief so want to build a non-profit organization aiming to gather the millions who care about building techniques to work in the humanitarian field.

3. How was founded the organization of translation? From the author of the idea and how it evolved?

During my studies at MIT and know the emotional have – my partner, co-founder to act – to share student housing and Lee now seven years since his battle, and during my studies I signed the Syrian crisis began, migrants moving from Syria to Turkey and Europe.

Many of our friends looking in Europe to help in the refugee camps were of course following the news we wanted to share by volunteering time, been with my friends who went, and one of them was from the UAE -God reminds his plan – we know the problem of education to spend our friend most of the time in education because of his mastery of Arabic and English, said that he intends to find a technical solution to solve this problem.

After graduating from University in 2015, we moved my boyfriend and I emotional to the Silicon Valley, California and our work in tech companies -worked as a software engineer in a company in mind the measures for a period of two years-.

At the beginning of 2017 we started thinking seriously at work on a translation project of my side after the return of the always we stayed on this case for eight months, at the beginning of 2018 we started to work as formal.

We provided a grant from aecomplete – one of the most famous accelerators technical work in Silicon Valley – at the beginning of 2018 we quit our job – I’m passionate – and we focused on the translation of my full time for three months now and part time for a year and a half. We have achieved some goals but still a long road ahead of us.

4. How are key performance indicators (KPI) for the organization of translation? You are in high level? As the number of users of the service to now?

Performance indicator base we have in my translation is the number of meetings of the translation that was done in a week, since the transition to fully work on my translation, we are increasing the number of sessions every two weeks the ratio of the height is a hundred percent every two weeks and this development is very fantastic and also illustrates the usefulness of fully concentrate on the project.

Today we have 1200 refugees user of the service, and 900 as an aid worker, 60 Organization for use of the service compared to 3000 translated in various languages and provide 16 options different languages, still a long way to go and hopefully we can do a greater number of sessions of Education.

5 – Do you plan in the future to profit from the services you offer? And what do you think they meet the needs of the service?

My translation is a non-profit as I mentioned, this does not mean that the team work of my translation work on a voluntary basis a working understanding of the functions of basic, and there are the expenses of the service, for any technology company in the world.

There are two areas to meet the costs of the service: the first is the financial support of institutional to minimally invasive and the first booster was aecomplete support financially and morally and evolutionarily service.

The second is to find a plan for a sustainable return, the idea now is not planning to profit from the services provided but there is free future by requesting material from some relief organizations great translation program is ineffective we see today that the United Nations has a budget dedicated to support translators in the field of relief at a high cost rate incomplete due to the lack of their always we go we have a translation service by a fee simple

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This income helps long term to fill the need of my translation, and my translation is always free to use with one aim which is to assist the refugee.

6. What is your policy of advertising for marketing of the organization and services?

Very heavily rely on social media, we found most of our volunteers in the service by posting fliers in the social media is a very successful strategy sense.

7. the translation services you have on the 16 languages, are you planning to include more languages in the near future?

Adding a new language is not a difficult technique, it is essential in the process is a bonding technique when someone requests a translator gets it within 90 seconds, so there are several factors think about before adding the IE language first, is there a need for this language? Is there a number of translators all of this language? And how do we increase this number? Usually any request for new language comes easily and quickly add this language.

8. What are the goals of the establishment of the organization of the translation? And why allocated you your services to refugees only?

Our goal is to bridge the gap of language for the refugees, is free today in Western countries is suffering a lot of problems (medical, psychological, legal, security, dietary) constraint language continues in every hand goes No, we believe that this problem can be solved can close this gap completely, especially being a problem can be easily solved by technical can to keep costs low to solve this problem.

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We have allocated services to refugees because this segment of users was negligent in the tech side that will help a lot in their daily lives.

9. What are your future plans to develop a translation service? Are you gonna break through for a paid translation of human needs with non-refugees?

Signature move focus to a larger segment of users and that’s the first goal, perhaps add some additional language if this is required from relief workers and those in the field.

The other is to provide technology services to other refugees and non-service translation and see that my translation of it first to build the whole technique focuses on the areas of humanitarian service of the large gap existing in the technical field of this field, the entered in many fields in our daily life but the field of Human Services much neglected in the field of technology.

10 – we heard about your travel to Greece, what is the purpose behind this trip? Why Greece in particular?

Translation team was in Greece for two weeks with the aim of the field presence and the problem of translation realistic and meet the heroes (relief workers) to hear their suggestions and their feedback about my translation and to modify the program to fit their needs, and Greece in particular because it is the first of a refugee in Europe today there are hundreds of thousands of refugees in Turkey and via Turkey to review the boats go to the Greek islands are the entrance to the European Union, so we think its appropriate destination group to translate.

11 – In conclusion, what can you advised him to anyone who wants a chance in volunteering and did not find it?

I personally was in this position I got the opportunity to travel to Europe to help refugees every two weeks, the study, the cost of the ticket is expensive and logistics difficult to coordinate and it wasn’t very easy to access, and here I began to think about to help in another way.

Volunteering is not only a presence in the region for the distribution of supply or assistance in blast you have to ask yourself what skills you possess and how you can help these people.

If you have writing skill development you may deliver their stories and write about them, for me I had a programming skill development is building a program that helps them provide the opportunity for everyone to volunteer and this is my goal of my translation.

Instead of the processing for that weeks travel to any camp of refuge, now you can require for just twenty minutes in my translation then go, the needs of the refugee now very many and what I discovered in my journey is that the most important thing he needs Refugee Day is psychological counseling.

More than 80 percent of the refugees suffer from psychological problems because of things they’ve had. previously there are no institutions or ways to enable them to get psychological support if you are someone who has this skill or have this psychological training was probably looking for institutions operating in Europe and offering them your services.

And I should mention if you have mastered more than one language and want to develop you as a translator in the translation and streets with your language, so the areas of volunteering available, and the first shops that you can volunteer through their platform are translated.


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