Technical dialogue with the founder of the site and summary A. civil

Welcome my dear brother Ahmed website owner summary, can you tell us about yourself and your bike if possible?

Logo position summary

My name is Ahmed from Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, I lived years of my life. in the United Arab Emirates. Studied in its schools, and graduated from the University, worked out, and absorbed the idea.

Got the certificate of sale in business management (marketing major) from the University of Sharjah in 2008, then got a master’s degree in business administration from the American University of Sharjah in 2011, and now I get for a doctorate in business administration.


I started my career 10 years ago to work in the government sector as an analyst for strategies and policies at the same time helped through this work a lot of companies in the establishment of its headquarters in the Emirate of Dubai, especially the SMEs.

Away from work, I love reading so much. And what I love the most is the development of the idea through reading other people’s experiences in various areas, many of the ideas that I live by today are a product of my reading of the word different so I’m a firm believer that reading is the best way to improve intellectually and professionally, so I always pay the same reading no matter what the circumstances.

Tell us about the beginning of the site, how’d you get the idea? Is it one of them or came across it in one of the sites? Or is the idea of the cities and you think about it and have done? Tell us about the scenes of the creation of the site and Your the first to make it a success for?

Through reading many books, I noticed a big contrast in the language used, and the excess sometimes in these books. Some of the ideas these books easy to learn, but a lot of them require read in-depth often multiple even send in mind, here’s the problem.

The larger the number of books that I read it, the less my ability to remember the most important lessons learned from them, or even review them in a quick and efficient. Because of my desire standing in the deep reading of books, I always find myself unable to find the time to read all the books that interest me.

To overcome this problem -information overload resulting from reading large numbers of books which may have some of them difficult to read and understand – began to summarize each book I could read it so easily I refer to the lessons as soon as possible.

Since then, increasing my ability to apply the ideas proposed in these books, and refer to this book after reading its extremely ease and simplicity.

Although I managed to solve this personal problem, I realized that I can do with the help of have the same problem that I was having them, especially that there is a real shortage in the number of Arab initiatives that provide a similar service to periodically and systematically.

Thus you create a platform, “the abstract” aimed at addressing this problem by focusing on the summing up of the best books of the global gas fiction and converted into an image that is easier to absorb and enjoy at the same time.

Tell us about the story of the name of the file? How to lie to you?

“Summary” is the name of the initiative, which is also the product that we offer! What we offer from the professional on the product what is only “a summary” lessons learned from the books I read, or the articles and studies I have seen.

Why did you choose to be summaries of non-free? Is it the only source of income for the site or for anything else? Do you currently Subscribe to this service or not?

I started in the fire “summary” is a pilot about a year ago, where he was content to submit for free to everyone without restrictions. The big welcome and interact with the initiative was much more than I expected, and that’s what prompted me to boost the production of summaries to a greater degree so I can provide better content to the public.

Money knows a lot that the resources that are being made in the production of a summary of one very large, and thus our search for a partner who can support the initiative properly so as to ensure its sustainability during this period, but we didn’t get to any treated areas that benefit all parties.

So we started in the division of the content into levels, some will be free, and the other for an amount per year ensures the sustainability of the initiative and interact with this step was fairly well and ask for sure.

What do you think of it as a source of funding? Corporate support or something else?

In the current period, there is no source of stable funding and the initiative with the exception of personal funds of its founder.

Do you have team work and how to communicate among yourselves, what is a program that can do it for? How many employees do you have?

In the current period, run this initiative yourself, and me with 3 members working independently’m proud of my work with them a lot:

  1. Designer graphics: works to bring out the abstract form that you see today.
  2. Proofreader: works to transform my writing from servers to text easy and understandable.
  3. Content writer: helps in writing the content of propaganda, whether on-site, or mailing brochures.

Communicate with them all via the site UpWork which make the idea of the Working Group in summit easy.

Don’t you see that the $ 50 price of a large sort of? And will be back some pay? What if the show 24. as mentioned in the presentation of the Start can’t you see that this is the most logical (1 = or) is?

The stability on this amount, after conducting a survey with many potential customers of the site, it is in our humble opinion is not a big amount, in comparison with other Arab on the coast currently.

The amount $ 50 is half what you might pay someone in the event of its involvement in other service similar to the offer summary of the book, here is the intended text content only and does not include this service visual content which focus on provided in the “summary”.

As this amount may be distracted by some in the purchase of a book two to three on average, but by the summary, we’ll provide a 24 summary of the book during the year, and ideas of easy and achievable to ensure that you full of what we offer!

The Arab world generally suffers from problems in payment? How exceeded this problem?

Since the site is still in its infancy, we can’t say we suffer from this problem in the current period. But we know that we must find alternatives in the future so that people who don’t have credit cards to take advantage of the services summary.

How was the Marketing for the summary? And how trying to attract new users for the site?

Try as much as possible to be marketing this initiative is related by the users themselves, by providing outstanding service and content rise to the level of their ambitions, so that I don’t find the beneficiary of the service is critical to advise others.

What is the first goal into the site? And who the nine are not as future initiatives for the site?

Confirmed the results of the field survey for the study “the index of Arab reading 2016” that the Arab peoples did not abandon reading altogether as popularized it in recent years. May be attractive to read the paper retreated somewhat, especially among the new generations that opened her eyes to modern technologies.

But reading as a practice and interact with the texts and written documents did not decline; rather, on the contrary, doubled the times and under the influence of widespread media technology and its applications growing, and on top of smartphones and computer tablets and e-reading. Therefore, there are great opportunities to enrich the Arabic content targeted as much as possible, which can be reached through technology.

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“Summary” is one such initiative that will focus on the return on to read by using technology, we want through the summary to create an electronic community that helps everyone to publish meaningful content and with poverty and violence.

For the future of the summary, we hope that we can develop the content of the Visual summaries that are explained by the video interesting and entertaining away from the text. There are other ideas we will be bringing when it is fleshed out better.

A final word for anyone who wants to start his own project did not find funding or did not find sufficient support for his project.

Modern technology has made it possible to began your project with the least amount of cost, I began to “abstract” in the amount of $ 100 only, and was able through his control of the existence of a demand for quality content that offers.

Therefore, do not make the capital availability is not the main obstacle to start a project of your own, always remember: keep your thoughts and ambitions are great, but take small steps and continuing to reach these goals.

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