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Representing the graduates of the words of the current first master class of the generation that follows the millennials who are entering the labour market full-time, and will get a lot of them get jobs in the technology field, however, the jobs are in places, like Facebook, seem less popular for the Sons of this generation who are looking for jobs with higher wages.

According to a study recent conducted by the site specialist salaries and compensation Comparably, the 88 percent of college graduates from the generation that follows the millennials are cautiously optimistic about their future, and they expect to work harder than the elderly.

Here are the top 15 high-paying job in the technology field for new graduates:

15 – sales manager:

Job description: understands and manages the sales team, with a focus on the regions of the individual sales, and include duties to identify sales territories and quota, building sales plans and managing staff.

Skills required: degree in business or management, experience in platform sales, such as Salesforce, along with the skills of leadership, Analysis, Customer Service, and dealing with others.

Average salary: 64, and 412 USD

14 – web designer:

Job description: works to improve the aesthetic appearance of the products by the options for visual design.

Skills required: degree in graphic design, coupled with the understanding of the principles of design perception and behavior, which are based on psychology and how he looks at humans visually to things and styles, coupled with artistic ability.

Average salary: 64,478 USD

13 – operations manager:

Job description: oversees the technical operations, from planning to coordination and execution, and it seems the staff within the technical guidelines.

Skills required: degree in business management, coupled with leadership skills, and the ability to resolve conflicts, and know-how of human resources.

Average salary: 64, is 608 USD

12 – financial analyst:

Job description: guiding potential investments, and to follow the performance of stocks and bonds.

Skills: accounting, savvy, analytical, problem-solving ability, and experience in working with executives.

Average salary: 65, is 687 USD

11 – local quality assurance:

Job description: often employ software companies, manufacturing, local quality assurance (QA), which works with the programs, websites, and problems, and corrects errors when you find them.

Skills required: degree in Computer Science, along with mastering the methodology to ensure the quality, structure query language (SQL), and scripting.

Average salary: 66, the $ 358

10 – the business analyst:

Job description: collect business analysts business needs with information technology resources, and identify areas for improvement in methods and processes.

Skills required: degree in business or marketing or advertising or public relations, coupled with some programming skills and data analysis required.

Average salary: 67,364 USD

9 – Marketing Manager:

Job description: develop strategies for marketing products and services, and collaborate with sales teams and Public Relations, production, finance and advertising.

Skills required: degree in business or marketing or advertising or public relations, preferably Master Degree in business administration, coupled with communication skills and dealing with others.

Average salary: 67, is 687 USD

8 – Business Development Manager:

Job description: Set Sales with a focus on the entire company, increase revenue, identify trends, new business and Customer Relationship Management.

Skills required: degree in business, marketing or communication, preferably Master Degree in business management, coupled with project management skills, negotiation and dealing with others.

Average salary: 68, is 588 USD

7 – designed the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX):

Job description: to ensure that the user experience on the website with the overall vision of the company, where the designers of the user experience track users, while making sure the designers of the user interface that the path is clear visually.

Skills required: understanding of the principles of UI and UX and the method of placing the elements of the site interface, along with efficiency in the diagram, and the use of tools Figma, and Balsamiq, and Adobe XD, application of the Marvel App, and InVision.

Average salary: 71, is 691 USD

6 – Engineer-DevOps:

Job description: automation systems oversee the deployment of software with the developers and the staff of the information technology, improve the processes of code with the developers of Information Technology.

Skills required: familiarity with the languages of web development, tools integration, automation, programming, maintenance, configuration and operation of computer systems.

Average link: of 86, 094 USD

5 – product manager:

Job description: there is success of any product through the leadership team to design multi-functions, mapping the stages of different development, including product launch and keep it.

Skills required: degree in business, coupled with the programming skills, time management, and dealing with others.

Average salary: 87, to 947 USD

4 – world data:

Job description: interprets data using statistical analysis tools and machine learning.

Skills required: degree in Information Technology, or mathematics, or computer science, coupled with a Experience with metrics and analytics.

Average salary: 88, of 813 USD

3 – developers portable devices:

Job description: Work developer mobile devices – more specifically, an Android developer or iOS iOS – to find new apps for mobile devices.

Required skills: modern programming languages, computing background, and application development across platforms, the ability to design the user interface of the portable.

Average salary: 92, of 654 USD

2 – the main architect of:

Job description: manage a team of Engineers during the product development phase and implementation.

Skills required: degree in administrative sciences or engineering, and to participate in the engineering programs of the cooperative.

Average salary: 103 $ 237 a

1 – developer key:

Job description: oversee programming, web development, application development.

Required skills: mastery of CSS and HTML/HTML5, and JavaScript, and JSON, and the content of web applications optimized for mobile.

Average salary: a 109, 957 dollars


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