Technical MeshTalk of the Oppo allow you to make communication and conversation without the internet

The company announced the Oppo for technical communication special New designed to allow people to contact or conversations over medium distances without the use of cellular networks or WiFi networks or Bluetooth.

The company launched the protocol name MeshTalk, a decentralized system of end-to-end, can cover up to 3 kilometers outdoors or more in environments most crowded which can be used to relay the signal between the devices which.

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Essentially, you’ll be able to devices for Oppo to create a network of local custom over large areas and communicate directly with each other without the need for base stations. The company claims that the technology MeshTalk will not have a significant impact on battery life, will be in standby mode for 72 hours so that they can have access to phones in case of emergency at low energy.

And for Oppo to enable the use of protocol MeshTalk in conditions that do not have access to the internet, or when the traditional networks are very busy, such as concerts or after landing at the airports. Will the company about the details of the new protocol in the MWC conference in Shanghai.


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