Technical put “Mercedes” and “BMW” in historic collaboration puts the future of technical services related to car

Today, the company “Daimler”, the brand owner of the German luxury “Mercedes”, and rival the German future “BMW – the BMW” cooperation agreement major might be the first of its kind in the history of the intense competition between the two giants.

Related to cooperation agreement between the two companies to integrate all the technical services related to mobility, which is owned and managed by each company of the two companies separately, in a new company consolidated owns all of the company’s two 50% of its capital and the rights of management.

Include the new company under the umbrella of its services and applications, including:

  • The company “Kara tu jo – Car2Go“: a service available in 29 different cities in Europe and the United States of America provide car rental and share them as needed through an application for mobile phones, and users can rent cars for hours or days and application by guiding them to the whereabouts of the car, and they can return the car to any point of the points many made available for the car.
  • The service “drive nao – DriveNow“: and a similar service entirely to the service of “Kar-toe Joe”, but it is currently available in Europe only the service was owned by the group “BMW” the hire car company only.
  • Taxi services by demand “myTaxi, Clever Taxi and Pentland hills Privé“: all services lets request a taxi through an application for mobile phones with the possibility to determine the material required for the arrival of the car and the possibility of assessment of the drivers and asked driver specific in case of the user’s desire that the availability of those services in several European countries and the United States of America.
  • Service “ParkNow and Parkmobile“ owns the company “BMW” both companies are currently, offering these services to the same concept the possibility to search parking spaces for cars paid around the city to book those places and pay through the app. Service allows you the ability to search for places to wait for cars are Chargers for electric cars, or cleaning the car while waiting, as well as the service assistant parking.
  • Service “ReachNow“: a service owned by the company “BMW” integrate the possibility to rent a car and drive yourself or request a private car with a driver in a laboratory through a single application, and the user in the car rental. The service works currently in three American cities only.
  • Service “ChargeNow“: a customized service for your electric car and run through the subscriptions of the monthly and prepaid cards can be the owner of the electric car using his account had service in the car charging his Electric in thousands of places allocated to it and can track The use of energy expenses, his car through his account back.

Is that partnership, which is aimed at cooperation between the two companies for the development of those services and the cost of the uniform mesh be able through it to compete strongly in the area of technical services supporting the automotive, is one of the. few, and may be the largest ever between opposing German traditional. Has announced both companies about the partnership through the official websites of their own with the assurance that technical cooperation is an important to keep the competition standing between them in the automotive industry the best in the world.

The technical put “Mercedes” and “BMW” in historic collaboration puts the future of technical services related to automobiles appeared first on the tech world.

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