Technical reasons to use Chrome raises the ratio of consumption of RAM

الأسباب الفنيّة لاستخدام كروم نسبة أكبر من ذاكرة الوصول العشوائي

Newly you might have noticed when you use the Chrome browser on the desktop it uses more RAM and a larger proportion ranging from 10 to 13%, specifically since the release of Chrome v67 raised before a month From now, the answer is realistic without having to deny anyone that.

This is due to the advantage of the Advanced Security posed by the group of Chromium in the latest version of the browser which is known as the isolation site, the “Site Isolation”, in relation to technical details and a victory is that, due to the growing number of gaps penetrate the memory that is exposed as part of the Spectre “the ghost” and Meltdown, the team decided to Chrome enable the isolation of the site by default in the browser as of version desktop version 67.

Where feature prevents the insulation to access the site is likely to data on another web site by running the two processes in isolation, which appears to be the technical achievement is very great according to the head of security at Google ” Justin Schuh”, and you can note the visual representation of water.

الأسباب الفنيّة لاستخدام كروم نسبة أكبر من ذاكرة الوصول العشوائي

Finally he pointed Schuh that this water does not come to the Android version so far, on the existence of significant risks and potential regarding the consumption of the resources of the phone, although the advantage of isolating the new site this is considered a feature from a safety point of view, it is obvious to see the memory usage of chrome continue to rise.

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