Technical VPS.. Google development of navigation using the camera

Google has managed to draw the attention of the world this year of its new at its annual conference I/O, and one of the techniques that caught the attention of everyone is technically a VPS or Visual navigation, which looks like it will see significant developments soon. The camera’s role in this technique is to make you do not lose your way and your direction of detailed, this is because Google certainly know that GPS technology will not be sufficient to address the right directions for sometimes.

For example to go in one of the streets and you don’t know the right direction to travel, all you need is to open the camera which will be what appears in front of you and compare it to databases of Google, which contain images of the streets to deliver the camera telling you the correct direction of the market in the same screen.

The application of EN City your بIOS of Apple is also trying to do the same thing, so a gap does not work alone, it is assumed that this app offers this feature this year. The technology that Google don’t know much about her until now where I reveal the Google for a lot of detail about this feature, but it is also possible to integrate with “the lens of Google,” which the company developed.

تقنية VPS.. جوجل تطور الملاحة باستخدام الكاميرا

An asset Tarifa additional included Google features fact enhanced with this feature where it appears on the screen Fox tells you the right way until you access.

Facebook also revealed last year about her work on the similar technology with the advantages such as the appearance of text in front of user related information such as specialized information work and observations of friends and recommendations, the idea of Facebook looks very good but the question still remains in front of all these alternatives is when they show up to the light.

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