“Technically the National” to discuss the role of the Ministry of energy in the development of national industries – across the UAE

Started Affairs Committee technical, energy and mineral resources of the National Council of the Union, during its meeting held remotely via technology “video conference”, chaired by Ayesha Rashid Leyte, the chairperson of the committee, to discuss the theme “the role of the Ministry of energy and industry in the development of national industries”.

The committee is composed of each of: Muhammad Isa disclosure decision of the commission, Yusuf Abdallah Batran, and Dr. Nidal Mohammad Al Tunaiji, puck air Bakhit Bin Hindi sick, and Mary and Majid bin thaniah, the saber Hassan Al Yamahi.

Said orphan and that the committee discuss the topic “the role of the Ministry of energy and industry in the development of national industry” in accordance with the following: the strategic plan, which the ministry seeks to achieve in relation to the development of the domestic industry, incentives and support of national industries protected from foreign industries, and cooperation and coordination with local and federal entities in support of national industries.

Referred Letty to that the committee discussed, during the meeting, the preparation of the electronic questionnaire regarding the topic “quality of service of telecommunications companies”, under the precautionary measures against novel coronavirus “these 19”.

The committee discussed the topic “services provided by telecommunications companies”, within the following themes: the balance in the telecommunications carriers, and the quality of services provided to the public, the price of services, profit and loss, and social responsibility, telecommunications and information technology industries in the state.

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