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The approach between the operational techniques and digital progress well, and this is driven models use related to the Internet of things, and enjoy digital storage for both hardware ancient and modern, sensors and other connected devices, provides advantages not realized before.

Access to the data of real life in real time over the network quickly, and can be processed to provide insights and to achieve business benefits, what leads the state to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and achieve higher levels of safety, improve decision-making in general.

While waiting for the profits I have a wide and growing recognition rates in an accelerated fashion, there is a downside to this trend of accelerated growth, the fact is that many of the manufacturers of the sensors not doing enough to secure their products by not embed the encryption in the product development stage, since the sensors are light weight and slim size, it may not be possible to add further security at a later stage.

This point is inherent in large-scale networks based on objects, you will be paid in the future to create technologies of the service, to confuse the malware extreme by having the identity of the real and fake users.

Will converged networks, including system infrastructure SCADA SCADA and operational technology infrastructure for the Internet of things, a shift to the wider and significant security gains by having technical service.

Create technical service thousands of the credentials of the fake users in conjunction with the identities of the real users, once the presence of the factor of the threat within the network of an organization, it can’t distinguish between the credentials of the true identity of the fake.

Due to the presence of many credentials the user ID is the fake that was distributed, and the probability of interaction with the pseudorandom data to adopt the identity of the user issuing the alert label is much bigger, after it is initiated in response procedures for accidents, as that the large number of credentials are fake and generated by the service technology to facilitate the tracking pattern, and this allows for the interior to re-establish the pattern of attack and the entry point.

To further strengthen the defenses of the electronic security, the organization will start decaying digitally in leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, to secure its networks, and identify those techniques wide fame by means of programmers based on a set of algorithms, which limits the amount of self-learning.

The payment of machine learning applied to cyber security have traditionally via algorithms that give instructions about the types of malicious software and your associated within the internal network, and in time the standard will be the replacement of machine learning techniques, deep learning and development of energy on cyber-security.

Thanks to the techniques of deep learning, is to support the application of e-security by the techniques of self-learning, and to monitor user behavior over a period of time, and create a profile of user behavior, and this file is dynamically generated, and continues to the techniques of deep learning to add styles to use for that file, so that it becomes embedded profile of a particular user, and generate applications, deep learning patterns very accurate and analysis of the activities of the end users.

The presence of a threat within the network using the credentials of the virtual, it will not style the level of the pervert, will lead this style to access the network, and which is monitored through behavioral analytics, to the launch of the repair alert security without delay.

Such examples of this proactive approach, speedy and secure converged networks, metamorphic, and to take behavioral Analytics applied to cyber security to a new level, with these gains the axiom will continue to be providers of e-security incorporating the techniques of deep learning in their products in the next year.

How will artificial intelligence techniques to a new generation of products electronic security Proactive Defense allow Robo-Hunter Robo-hunters, thanks to the artificial intelligence says Hunters android the prosecution of threats, the mechanism and clear the home environment of potential threats, and because that technology is based on behavioral Analytics, predictive, they include in the basis on the behavior of the network activity normal.

Check Hunters an Android Robot Hunter enterprise environment for any changes that may indicate a potential threat during the examination of their environment, they learn which they discover and make make the correction required, and therefore are based on making decisions on behalf of humans, also help in delivering the expectations of long-term Security section of the website, and therefore access to the information of the threat and its within the network.

The sight of the threat quickly turns large and extremely complex with large stakes, have to rely on contemporary techniques alone, will be the artificial intelligence of comparative analyses, predictive and advanced levels of computing, as well as partner reliable security, satisfaction in the not too distant future.

Techniques, artificial intelligence and Rob Hunter use security solutions electronic traditional

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