Technology companies and trick promotions

شركات التقنية وخدعة العروض والتخفيضات

Several weeks ago, and while I was cutting kilometers with my friend on board one of the cars, contracting with a company (Uber), he explained to me that most do it these days via AWeber and cream is half the cost only, he always receives offers and discounts from these two companies (before you buy AWeber cream), has stimulated me to return to use the Uber app again after you have left him a long time ago, so perhaps the performances collapse on my mobile phone and at flights at half the cost.

But after a while of use; I couldn’t find any offers or messages up the phone, so why get changed on those offers and I get nothing, is it a special client and I’m not, and what are the criteria for discrimination, if that is the reason, and here he began to wonder and curiosity to find out why,

Exploitation still when my friend told me a secret, he told me the trick. smart that made him enjoy those performances, he simply uses both apps (Uber and cream) intermittently, is someone used one of the other aims for days or weeks, until the start of the company other send offers and discount codes to his phone, what is soon to move to the other application aims first, and to write my first application of the fire of abandonment, so he starts sending offerings to try to bring the client’s savior, to embrace him again.

And so the tale continues.

If we conclude from this that the offers do not reach those loyal customers (as it should be), the goal of which is to increase the consumption of the service, you are a consumer already, the focus will be on you, but on the expectations or guidance on other services, the goal of those shows is taking most of the cake (which is you of course).

These are just the conclusions of a personality, but it makes sense, to a large extent, in order to become a reliable results there should be a questionnaire involving a large number of users, not one or two.

While consistent performances from your hands.

I’ll tell you another experience happened a few days ago, with another application is (ask)

Apply (ask) is an application of the famous and leading to the request and delivery of food in Egypt, and have tried it for the first time in several days, while I’m thinking about using it for a while, but the right moment had not yet come, so I got a discount code 50%, and this was the spark that encouraged me to take initiative and fear of the experience of apps to order food in general.

When using the app for the first time, you will see everything and to pass all stages except stage enter the discount code, there is a place in another way, after you finish all the steps, and did not put him in that late stage except for good reason, and after that select my place and introduced the details of my address, and then browse the list of restaurants and I chose one of them, and after that browse meals and quick bites, and then filled the basket including so good, I came finally to the last step, it’s a payment screen, where a small field to enter a discount code, go to that field with confidence, After that I wrote the code and clicked on the input button, the event wasn’t taken into account.

I appeared the message that this code is not applicable to this restaurant which you choose to demand from you.

I think you can imagine now how it formed the contours of my face at that moment.

Of course, completed application, and pay the full amount, after that full, and I praised God and thanked him for this blessing and this great bounty.

Use of this dear consumer, that discount codes do not work outright, but it is limited on the airport are numbered, from the company contracting with them, although it didn’t show any alert when I received a discount code you tell me that information.

As you can see, dear reader, one of the objectives of those performances cuts (next to the customer re The Departed) is (Jar-Man) a potential customer, they have not taken the first step yet, want to buy small save them from row spectators to one of the participants, and then download the app or register on the site and then browse content and service, and becomes just around the corner from the end, then I wouldn’t retreat and leave everything if she found out that that code doesn’t work, or it expired.

Maybe I didn’t tell you that codes companies rent cars to operate for a limited time and some are limited to regions without the other, and other conditions that may don’t the user in a timely manner.

The first month for free.

Another way to bring customers through offers and discounts, this time it’s not just reducing the discount, it is the use of free of charge, in order to novices only, for example, the company Netflix, for example, offers its service first month free of charge, but there is an important point, is that you have to enter the payment information is correct, in order to be discount in a series of your bank account the following month without any problems.

The thing that I don’t notice it most of the Remember that they face within the automatic renewal of the service after the expiry of the free period, so even it might have been to renew the subscription for another month and pull the full amount from the card of their bank, some companies send a message such as the expiration of the trial period to tell you that the subscription will be renewed automatically unless you stop it, some companies don’t do that, and if you have to because you have the approval at the beginning of the subscription without reading the details or know what is hiding behind the lines.

Take it a rule: that most of the digital services that rely on monthly subscription to fixed, and presentations for the first month or the first seven days, are dependent on this trick (if you can call it a stunt), so watch out for it, The didn’t want to complete the seals of the suspension before the expiry of the cities, and if you like the service and I liked to continue, he’ll do it automatically.

The conclusion of the …

Don’t rely on offers and discounts when making purchasing decisions or participate in the services of the digital multi, but I think the quality of the service, and your decision on how you need it, and unique from the experiences of other participants opinions and appraisals, the checked one of those services, then later search for those deals that if as they are the finest pick it up without having to back it down a lot.

* Image Source from the website FreePik

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