Technology companies are grappling for the cable internet Marine

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Turn technology companies as big as Google andFacebook andMicrosoft all our data as users, as they are jostling among themselves to also cable internet existing under the surface of the sea, which spread all over the world, as there are more than 5700 kilometers of the distance between the French coast and the coast of the state of Virginia across the Atlantic, but will be connected directly for the first time in 2020 by submarine cable labeled Dunant Dunant, which enhances the ability of the internet between Europe and the east coast of the United States.

The cable Dunant, who was named Henry Dunant Henry Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross and the winner of the first Nobel Peace Prize, when it’s ready to work more than 428 submarine cable of the internet extends over thousands of kilometers, which form the backbone of the internet, but the new cable doesn’t look like anything else, where the company owns Google this cable, and this cable is the first submarine cable across the Atlantic is funded and published by one of the big tech companies.

Says Alan Mauldin Alan Mauldin, Research Director at TeleGeography, a company involved in data communications related to offering cable and internet under the sea: “often the problem for content providers like Google and Facebook is that they can’t get enough capacity of current cables for themselves, so they need to build a cable to get that kind of access for themselves, the result is that more of the physical infrastructure of the internet are owned by companies that have a greater presence online”.

It may be Dunant Dunant the first cable under the sea crossing the Atlantic Ocean, owned by one of the big tech companies, but it is not your cable company’s first, since Google announced in January 2016 also for cable Korea Curie, which applies from Chile in South America to Los Angeles.

Invested in recent years by Google, Facebook and Microsoft in cable internet Maritime to keep up with growing demand, where I spent those companies millions on cable as parts of the union, so that you get each company on a quest to certain investments, but large technology need capacities larger.

And Urs his Urs Hӧlzle, vice president of technical infrastructure at the Department of Google Cloud: “unions are great for the cost, but it takes some time to reach a consensus, and this union is able to slow down the process of building new cables, this is the reason that Google decided to go it alone, taking consideration of today’s market, most cable driven mostly by internet companies.”

Offers star Ahmed Najam Ahmad, vice president of network engineering at Facebook, is that it may take three years to create a new cable, where I completed Microsoft and Facebook in the month of September 2017 author named Marea has a total length of 6600 km, is located at a distance of more than 17 thousand feet beneath the Atlantic Ocean, which began work in February 2018, and can transfer data at a rate of 160 TB per second.

Also involved tech companies in a number of submarine cable between Singapore, Australia, Japan and the United States, where she participated Facebook in at least six Federation of the cables freely, while it became have Google partnerships in at least 13 Submarine Cable, says Alan Mauldin: “although Google invested in special cables, but they wouldn’t sell the capacities of these cables to other companies because it will then become a vector will be licensing as a vector”.

Confirms Urs here this dog, saying: “We don’t want to be a service provider as the service provider Internet”, says Moldan: “the US uses cable Dunant only the traffic of Google, and what is likely to happen is the measured exchange capacity is within this author with the capacities within the other cables are owned by companies or consortia, so that they build a cable one on a particular track, but can benefit from it by using it as a means of exchange capacity”.

Relieve cable internet outstretched under the sea in terms of capacity that can carry and techniques used in their construction, but they operate largely the same way, with a thickness of several inches, and consists of a plastic tube protects the cover of a copper with fiber optics and sending data through the cable using light refined products along the bottom of the sea at a distance of 80 kilometers, which ensures skew the data on the length of the cable quickly fixed.

The analysis of Telegeography that there are more than a million kilometers of submarine cable used today, and cable Asia America Gateway one of the longest of these cables, extending over a distance of up to about 20 thousand kilometers.

It was in the beginning the use of the submarine cable, which was laid for the first time across the Atlantic in the Fifties of the eighteenth century, in the Telegraph and then the necessary data for mobile phone calls, and cables to last for up to 25 years, and if it is broken through Times of ships or earthquakes under the sea, can be fixed by a robot submersible.

And star A. the attention of Facebook with cables Marine comes from a lack of capacity available, since there are two types of traffic to Facebook, they are from machine to machine and machine to user, and includes a first type backup of the data centers, health posts and other things on social network, this type of traffic is larger by 6 to 7 times the traffic of a kind machine to a user.

Adds the deputy head of the Department of network engineering at Facebook that the capacity available through the submarine cable is not enough for Facebook, in respect of goods that you need, and that investments in this industry not continue to grow traffic, this is one of the things that try to Facebook Help in its development, where the design of the cable and the internet under the sea modern, such as Havfrue, to connect the countries that need more capacity.

Says Vice President of technical infrastructure at the Department of Google Cloud: “it should not be surprising that large technology companies are investing more in submarine cable, so that this step is similar to what it was when it was the submarine cables owned by telecommunications, which the telephone companies built their own infrastructure because they were in need and they were the majority of the users of this infrastructure.”

It seems that the conflict currently existing between the technology companies to the internet will not stand when the submarine cables, which require companies to space entrepreneurs, including SpaceX SpaceX founder Elon Musk Elon Musk, to the use of swarms of small satellites to deliver internet from the top.

Has tried Facebook use a giant solar powered unmanned and fly over areas to connect the people on the surface of the earth to the internet, but it crashed during its test flight the second, the company said Facebook to cancel the project since then.

While Google, separately, the draft Project Loon, a balloon provides a connection to the internet, and Urs here: “the submarine cable are the kind of things you don’t want in their establishment if you can avoid it, may be replacing the cable today in this way, since light travels faster actually in the air compared to the fiber, and if you have a series of balloons Loon, you’ll outgrow the submarine cable by almost a third in terms of time delay”.

The gate Arab News Technical technology companies are grappling for the cable internet Marine

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