Technology companies looking to move production of devices outside of China

Requiring global technology companies, HP; and Delta and Microsoft; the Amazon, to convert the energy of large production to outside China, to join the journey of the growing tendency which threatens to undermine the place of China as a global power in the field of technical tools.

And HP; the Delta; and Microsoft; the Amazon of the latest tech companies that are considering moving some of its products from China in light of the war the continued trade with the United States.

Reported the newspaper Nikkei that HP; the buckets require to transfer up to 30 percent of the production of the laptops outside the country, in Thailand or Taiwan or Vietnam or the Philippines.

The save Microsoft some production of the Xbox (Xbox) to Thailand and Indonesia, and may save the Amazon the production of some Kindle devices (Kindles) and speakers (Echo) to Vietnam, also hosts the Acer; the OSCE; the Asus; the and Lenovo production outside of China.

Challenges come the potential for technology response to the business that made the United States imposed tariff of 25 percent on items worth $ 200 million.

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While the technology industry largely intact, the of the new tariffs could increase the fees for laptops, smart phones and games consoles, which adds significant costs may lead to higher prices for consumers and achieve lower earnings for manufacturers.

The newspaper had earlier reported that Apple is looking to transfer up to 30 percent of its production devices to the outside of China, where the company began Foxconn (Foxconn) in mass production for the iPhone in countries such as India.

In the Wall Street Journal reported: if Nintendo might save some production devices switch, she explained to agency Bloomberg that Google may transfer some production of the products of the nest (Nest).

And still most of the companies in the consumer electronics industry require to maintain hardware production in Southeast Asian countries other, with the transition of manufacturing to outside of China due to the increasing uncertainty.

Focus hardware production to China where production costs are cheaper, in addition to having the components of the supply chain technical and manufacturers specialized increasingly in the manufacture of cutting-edge technology.

This was the status quo for two decades, but kept putting the tariff at a speed over the fragility of the position, with the potential to lead to disagreement the business ongoing to rising costs throughout the industry, the company does not have the easy way out.

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