Technology companies regarding scrutiny because of political pressure

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Facing technology companies of America, Facebook, Amazon and Google increasing criticism due to pressure by political and in the UK, according to provide new, issued by Transparency International in the United Kingdom, a non-governmental organization working on anti-corruption, where it warns the report on the political participation of companies that nearly three quarters of UK businesses urgently need to review their practice, as they found Anti-Corruption Commission that 73 percent of companies failed to disclose enough about how their cooperation with politicians, via the index includes 104 multinational company.

And political participation to the company on how the interaction of business with government, a project activity helps governments to design policies and laws that protect the public interest and help businesses succeed, but when it is done in the shade, the risk of corruption becomes serious, where decisions are made in favor of the rich and powerful, and corruption undermine people’s trust in democratic and economic institutions and leaders.

Found body Transparency International that 4 out of every 5 companies have weak standards to disclose lobbying activities and political pressure, with the HEA to assess how visible the activities of the political pressure and how multinational companies are trying to circumvent the ad trade associations are pressing policy issues that afford the membership.

Were identified and 42 percent of the companies it is very bad according to the index of political participation for companies, including names such as HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover, and ran the index heavily on Facebook, Amazon and Google among the worst performing companies in the category of “political pressure responsible”, i.e. see the activities and its values when exercising the pressure, although it included many of the companies operating in different sectors.

And did not remember any of the companies that were analyzed, starting with the US technology manufacturers in Asia down to the multinational companies listed in the FTSE spent the world to exercise political pressure in 2017, David Cameron, David Cameron, former British Prime Minister, had said in 2010 that political lobbying companies would be the big scandal of the next waiting to happen.

Showed the findings of the Transparency International that the company Facebook and Amazon may opt to provide only the very minimum of required information, while Google Inc, the lowest level in relation to attitudes repeated continuously between its workforce and the competition among the companies known as FAANG, namely Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google.

Employing Google’s Theo Bertram, Theo Bertram, a former adviser to Tony Blair Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown, as director of policy in Europe, as it has hired Tim chateau two Tim Chatwin, who was previously assistant to David Cameron, David Cameron, president communications Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Said Catherine Higgs Kathryn Higgs, program director of the conflict international organization Transparency International in the UK, the results of the indicator 2018 is certainly a source of concern, she said, “business should be more transparent in how it deals with politicians or they run the risk of ruining its reputation among the public and in the long run they will lose themselves, and it seems that companies increasingly recognize that transparency in the exercise of political pressure is the future”.

This report comes after more than a month of detection of the Daily Telegraph British companies Facebook, Amazon and Google have doubled the combined teams of internal politics during the past two years to about 50 people, believed to be pressed on the Internet Association, an organization that was political pressure on behalf of its members, the launch of its second office in London, instead of the other sites, and to pressure the new place strongly on issues such as tax digital services.

It should be noted that companies in the United States disclose the expenditures of political pressure, while there is less censorship in the UK, it is not required of lobbyists, political consultant only to join the register and the disclosure of the identity of their clients.

The gate Arab News Technical technology companies regarding scrutiny because of political pressure

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