Technology Play Protect increase of 39 million malicious application on the Android store by 2017


Revealed Google company on the report of its fourth Annual Android security year in review special to the security of the platform Android, To can technology Play Protection succeeded in removing more than 39 million apps from the Android store by 2017, as the company had announced Play Protection in May 2017 during the conference Google I/O.

Android apps harmful

According to the published position of fonearena India, the advantage to Play protectتهدف to protect users from potentially harmful applications, the company says it’s reviewed automatically more than 50 million apps and the other potential, and take action when they find malware, indicating that it was the discovery of up to 60.3% of all the potentially harmful applications of technology machine learning, and have removed the process of automatic review more than 39 million apps harmful in the last year.

تطبيقات اندرويدApps Android

Conducted Google also an update to Play Protect to detect harmful applications which have been installed on devices that are not connected to the Internet or network connection is lost, preventing more than 10 million in the process of installing malicious apps on Android.

And Google also to App installs outside of the store declined by more than 60%, and not only that, Google also with the manufacturer of the original hardware to provide security updates monthly, as I got 30% of the devices on the security patches more than in 2016.

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