Technology Vivo of the New the most accurate 10 times of the Face ID in the iPhone X

The company revealed a Vivo of China, which reached this year to put the sensor fingerprint works under the screen in the phone market and the first phone to full screen completely which bore the name NEX on the experience of important a new. The company said Chinese she reached to put the sensor three-dimensional in the face of the phone possesses 300 thousand point sensor which is a number ten times greater than that of the ability of the sensor to phone iPhone X, which the company uses in facial recognition technology Face ID.

Sensor new works by sending a pulse of light and control the time spent in flight, which take it to the light wave in the back again, according to the company faster he can process the layout of the three-dimensional 3D Mapping up to a distance of three meters away from the smartphone.

The new technology behind these sensors rely on the ml supports the light origin or Structured light, a technique developed by the company Oppo on the Map this year but may not be included in the phones if not the best in terms of cost. Company Vivo on the other hand compete with Apple directly with its new.

The company says they want to use the technical side of artificial intelligence to get new apps so that one of these apps you’re talking about Vivo is a technique to scan a person fully and then use artificial intelligence to adjust his body and face, is also a technique used to test clothes without wearing them in the right way.

Apart from the most common uses of facial recognition to improve security and improve the technique of Portrait Mode, there are a number of other applications for entertainment such as motion recognition, and also long-term sensor Vivo is possible that the increases of these cases it is for example possible to use the sensor with the furniture and different augmented reality technology.

According to a press release officially issued by the company, the idea is still there and there is no known date to be this new feature in the phones of the company present in the markets so don’t expect over the next few months to see which phone will contain a technical competitive Face ID.

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