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Share Eunice the Eunice Sewaphe with about 15 million South Africans not to possess, for a specific address, where the Home Office of two rooms in a village called Riley a Relela, in the green hills in the Limpopo province about five hours drive north east of the city of Johannesburg in Johannesburg South African, and in case you visit Relela, you may find that the village lacks many things such as drainage crossings, roads, decent electricity and reliable, in addition to the lack of names of streets, or numbers of homes.

And the issue of living outside of the Map a big problem for leonesse, where it is difficult to get a bank account, and it is difficult to register to vote in the election, it is hard for us to apply for a job or even receive a message, however, these ongoing concerns at the present time surpass it other, larger concerns, as she’s pregnant in her ninth month of pregnancy.

And you don’t know Eunice How do you get to the hospital without an address, where the nearest hospital is not in the town of tzaneen Tzaneen is a 40-minute drive away, and you might need an ambulance, but since he can’t for the ambulance to find her home without the title, it is a big problem, and Dr. Connie Lowe Dr Coenie Louw, President of the regional organization Gateway Health charity, committed to improving the mortality statistics for optimism in evolution in order to bring about change, where he says: “If I didn’t know where you are, I can’t help you”.

Adds Dr. it can’t be Google Maps to provide assistance regarding access to the entrance of the village, he continued, saying: “we tried to do something through the technique of triangulation between three towers to cover cell phones, but not reliable”, during the search for other solutions to come across Dr. Connie Lowe is a British company, a startup with an innovative technology able to accurately solve the problem of how to find the ambulance Eunice will.

These technical what3words, which is about a coding system for geographical deal with geographic locations with an accuracy of up to three meters, where the company is working on encrypting the geographic coordinates and converted to three words from the dictionary, as the founders of What3words five years ago to provide the entire surface of the planet into a grid of squares, each square measuring 3 meters by 3 meters, which means that 57 million of these boxes, each box of them to a unique address of three words.

To test the system was trying to access to the home of Eunice, where the system gave the organization the title consisting of three words are “irrigates.joyful.zipper”, and enter the code into a mobile application, which allowed to investigate by dropping a pin on the mapping system, the traditional, once you leave the main highway, pointed the GPS to “through the unknown”, but even so, after many of the pay attention and cornering, it was accurate, it was possible to access to the home of Eunice through the words “irrigates.joyful.zipper”.

And technology what3words idea Chris sheldrake Chris Sheldrick, a citizen of the rural population in the county of Hertfordshire in southern England, which is well known what is the meaning of the choice for a specific address, where the system was developed personally to deal with a specific problem caused in harassing Chris, who began his life as a musician, then the firm has created work for musical festivals all over the world, despite the emergence of Google maps, but it has encountered a problem hit actively of his business, where was the need to address system best after suffering from the loss of musical devices and find opportunities to specific locations.

Used Chris sheldrake of a person who was important, his only guide his team through the phone to place the party right, and then use the coordinates of the Global Positioning System GPS, but encountered a problem in that too, think sheldrake that there must be a better way, and looking back, Chris says that “the main thing we were trying to solve with what3words is how to convert the 15 Number of longitude and latitude to a form more amenable to people”.

The advances in Satellite mapping and navigation means you won’t lose your way never, but often not up to the appropriate place, and I realized companies like Google and TomTom this problem, but the solution developed by the code was alphanumeric consists of nine characters, and for the dignity it was clear that this is difficult, as when someone asks about where I lived, it would be like trying to remember a password Router the wireless network Your at this stage emerged the idea of three words.

Proven math that with a 40 thousand word within the dictionary, it is possible to find 64 million installation of the language is unique, which is what helped the company, which has 57 million square, where it took the development of the algorithm from Chris and his friends jack and-Koh and Mo alike Gunslinger six months of continuous operation, after the end of the process of drawing the map of the initial full, were inserted by the algorithm errors corrected, and then there was the issue of language, using a team of Linguists the service is available at the current time across dozens of languages from Arabic to Zulu.

Proven technology, effectively it is invaluable in disaster zones and refugee camps

As the company grew the number of staff increased from 3 to approximately 70 full-time employees, is considered the challenge now is to educate the world about their system, says sheldrake: “obviously, we aim to be the global standard”, and to this end, the company recently signed license agreements with companies including Mercedes, which used the system in the context of A class with the Activation Service of voice, in addition to the company TomTom, which will destroy the command consisting of three words in the platform navigation.

As this technique offers a ready solution for many countries that lack systems of any type headlining world, where he signed dozens of government and postal services contracts with the company, including Mongolia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast Tuvalu, says sheldrake: “If you think about in the headlines, some centuries ago, some are from last week, but there are also a lot of places that do not have an official address, and can include States of the whole such as Mongolia, which I didn’t know anything else non-use trends, to the availability of portable devices, there is a real opportunity to systems of the traditional titles”.

And Chris, the slow progress of his idea in travel guides and email signatures, models and reservation company Airbnb, has proven the technology effectively it is invaluable in disaster zones and refugee camps, believes Dr. Connie Louie needed an experimental model effectively, and the strategy is in the use of the village of Relela as a pilot to evaluate the what3words, in order to show its positive impact, and use this case study to try to convince governments, regional and national adoption of the Address System as standard.

Says Dr. Connie Louie that there are 139 villages such as Relela in this region, but once the Relela establish itself within the addressing system of this world, the neighboring villages may differ, there are about 4 billion people all over the world without an address, they do not have a way to refer to their homes, the help of this technology in their placement on the map by just three words.

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