Telecommunications companies are facing pressure to review its agreements with Huawei

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Facing one of the largest providers of mobile phone services in Britain are under increasing pressure to review its agreements with the company Huawei after that through the British Defense Minister about his concerns deep about the use of the equipment the Chinese company’s controversial deployment of communications networks 5G across the UK, amid fears of the trade, where the company signed a Three, a company belonging to the group Hutchison Holdings Inc. in Hong Kong, a deal with Huawei in the month of June to work as a major project worth 2.54 million USD for the construction of the network of the fifth generation in the United Kingdom.

And Hutchison Holdings Inc. CK Hutchison Holdings part of the business empire international, controlled by Li Ka-shing Li Ka-Shing, the richest man in Hong Kong, the company said Three she was in close contact to the government of the United Kingdom after being warned Gavin Williamson Gavin Williamson, the British defense minister, his claws deep about the role of Huawei in The provide technology to develop a network of cell phones to the British rule.

He warned Williams that the role of Huawei will be seen closely amid fears the global rival of the United States, Australia and New Zealand on the security risks posed by Chinese police, said: “We have to recognize the fact that the Chinese state behaves sometimes in a malicious way”, come his remarks amid reports that US President Donald Trump is studying the possibility of issuing an executive order to prevent American companies from the use of communications equipment manufactured by the companies Huawei and ZTE LTE ZTE.

The Gao Ping Guo Ping, deputy chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer alternately Huawei, which expects a rise in its revenue for the year increased by 21 percent to $ 108 million, said yesterday: “the difficulties do not prevent us from Progress,” said a spokesman for Huawei, said: “cyber security is the number one priority of Huawei, which is an area we invest heavily”.

The company Huawei, the largest Chinese company in terms of sales, the development of equipment for communications infrastructure such as antennas, coupled with its work in the field of smart phones, the company has worked the Chinese in the UK since 2001, where other telecommunications companies in the United Kingdom its equipment in the communications infrastructure, but is company Three is among the first companies that signed a deal with the group to deliver 5G.

The company claims provider of the service, including Three, EE, O2 and Vodafone that the equipment Huawei will not be in the basic infrastructure, which is the most important part in the system 5G, instead, businesses will turn to the use of core components from companies such as Nokia and Ericsson, that is used for a large quantity of Huawei’s technology in the set terminal.

Used Vodafone currently antennas of Huawei services the fourth generation 4G, and let O2 to less than 5 percent of its network using equipment from Huawei, and the company BT BT, Royal buy EE, towards the removal of the equipment Huawei from its network core, the goal is to align energy efficiency with the principles of the structure of the network after BT on EE in 2016, and continue to EE to see in Huawei with an important part of the equipment outside the network core.

Enjoy the mobile operators in the UK have a long history with Huawei, where the relationship of BT with China telecom giant to 2005, while established Vodafone’s strategic partnership with them in 2009, and both Three and EE, O2 and Vodafone work closely with the National Centre for electronic protection of the government to deal with security concerns.

A company spokesman said Three in a statement: “We continue to work closely with the government and the NCSC on this issue, we will adhere to any directions they give us,” while a spokesman said on behalf of Vodafone: “we’ve tested the antenna radio network 5G by Huawei in a few sites in the UK, we will choose also group Ericsson. We use supplier a completely different company to the core”.

The gate Arab News Technical telecoms companies are facing pressure to review its agreements with Huawei

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