Telecommunications companies of Kuwait announces the launch of the fifth generation

Announced the General Authority for communications and Information Technology in the state of Kuwait for the completion of the trial operation of the networks of the fifth generation in the state, used to launch the service commercially by mid-June the next, in turn announced that telecommunications companies operating in the country including Zain and VIVA announced the launch of the fifth-generation networks.

The fifth-generation networks in the state of Kuwait has become ready to launch the business to be one of the first countries globally, so that they began to Zain to receive requests for service in its website, in addition to the VIVA, which opened the pre-order to get the router 5G in advance.

Until now not known the exact speed which will get users from these networks, but the tests for service in Kuwait, referring to speed up to more than 800 Meg per second.

Source: Zain – VIVA

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