Telegram accusing China to carry out a denial-of-service ” DDos ” on the messaging service own

Telegram Messenger

As you have probably heard, it has encountered a service Telegram recently some problems on the level of contact because of the DoS attack DDoS the servers of the company. However, it seems that this was more than just attack normal blocking service, it is an attack organised by one of the states, or at least that’s what he’s referring to Pavel Durov, he is the CEO of a Telegram.

According to tweets from Pavel Durov on Twitter, he claims that this attack suggests that it is regulated by a state, this means that the hack is powered by the resources of a country. He also noted that China was probably behind it, because the majority of the IP addresses received from the country, and how to encounter this attack with the protests continuing in Hong Kong.

There is no way to know if this attack was supported by the Chinese government, although this is not the first time that you accuse China of committing something like this. Years ago, also under a series of protests in Hong Kong, blocked social media which was available in the country in one batch, temporarily, where it seems that the Chinese government doesn’t want its citizens to see what is going on in Hong Kong.

As for the reason behind the allergy Telegram, it is because the app uses encryption, advanced to protect the messages of the users of the reading, which is why this app is preferred by the demonstrators, who they can use to conduct their activities without exposing themselves to the risk of arrest by the authorities.


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