Telegram adds dozens of features to Telegram X

Launched the service of instant messaging of Telegram a new update for advanced applied – the so-called “Telegram X” Telegram X comes update dozens of advantages that may find their way in the end to the public version of the app.

Reviewed the telegram of new features added to the application “Telegram X” in the publication on the blogging service affiliate – the “there”, the most prominent of these advantages, “the second version of notifications” Notifications 2.0.

The company said it rebuilt notifications from scratch “to improve safety and reliability, web with features and customisations new, besides minimizing the consumption of battery power in the background”. It is this: that notifications now work even without a connection with the servers of Telegram.

The Telegram that in case there was a clear problem in the notifications, you can see the warning in the app list next to “Settings”, where you can find out how to fix. Improved police support screens curved in Samsung phones, and notifications are grouped by the type of chat.

Includes new version of “Telegram X” also separate settings for channels, in addition to the possibility to disable the preview of messages from the chat, and a new option to display notifications “read-only” when the app is locked with a password.

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Comes update the possibility of full control notices responses, and bookmarks, messages and installed in a manner that allows to stop the reception of notifications of unwanted without having to mute all Chat.

Besides the “the second version of the notices,” said the telegram said that the new update of the application “Telegram X” offers other advantages, such as: Delete chat and messages from party chat, to improve the consumption of hardware resources while using more than one account.

The update will also improve the speed of running the application, and install the messages in the “Saved Messages” and groups, and delete a multimedia organization from any device, which is a useful feature in case of stolen or lost phone. It also guarantees the possibility to “delete all data” at once to restrict the use of the app memory device.

This; and can download the latest version of the application “Telegram X” from the Google Play Store for Android, and you can also download and install it manually from here. Can also subscribe to the programme of Telegram demo application on the Android platform from here.

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