Telegram again threatens to lock in Russia, and this time it’s more serious

The messenger Telegram again fell under the scope of Roskomnadzor. The story began last year, when the company Telegram Messenger Limited has addressed the Russian authorities with the requirement to provide encryption keys that would allow the relevant governmental agencies if necessary to read the correspondence of users Telegram.

Then Pavel Durov called the threat paradoxical and refused to comply with the requirements. For this the company was fined, and at the time it was left alone. Now the situation is even worse.

Roskomnadzor has published on its website an official statement, according to which Telegram Messenger Limited during the 15 days have to pass FSB of Russia “the information necessary to decode taken, transferred, delivered and (or) processed email messages”.

The company has already said that to comply with the requirements is not going to protect their rights in the Supreme court.

How long is this story and how it ends, yet we can only guess. However, after 15 days, the Roskomnadzor will be able to apply to court, demanding the blocking of Telegram in Russia.

Against Durov is the fact that the Supreme court today dismissed a lawsuit Telegram Messenger Limited to the FSB in which the company demanded to recognize the order of the security service regarding the provision of encryption keys invalid. Now, Telegram intends to appeal.


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