Telegram app claims to identify messages as read from the notifications directly

Of the disadvantages of smart phones these days it’s brought about in our lives, something I think that may affect health, namely notifications, which is often troubling especially if it’s from the annoying people.

And because most of the notifications received, we are of the messaging services, like WhatsApp and telegram, it read the content of the whole message became possible with the development of the Android system, but exclude the notice does not happen it as read, which is something you may need sometimes to inform the other party that you have read his letter and that’s it.

It seems that the service of the telegram included the need to provide a feature to “select as read” in notifications, which is what I did in version 4.9 the latest from the app, which also came with the feature of Passport that facilitates login to services that require proof of personal identity and we posted about yesterday.

It is through the “Select as read” can now identify every message I receive as read from the notification directly without the need to open the application, which facilitates and accelerates the process a lot.

This, can download the latest version of the telegram app from the Play Store, and you can also download it as APK standalone of here.

It should be noted that the service WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, and also choose to feature the “Select as read”, as demonstrated in the experimental version for comment mid-July.

Do you think that the “Select as read” important? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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