Telegram app X now supports Android 9.0 and languages of the new and more

تطبيق Telegram X يدعم الآن أندرويد 9.0 ولغات جديدة وأكثر

With the beginning of the current year, provided the team work of the application of instant messaging Telegram, and an alternate version of the application completely depends on the database application’s Main, where he initially was carrying the app name Challegram and then renamed to Telegram X, as well as make it a place to test the upcoming features on the official version.

Generally got the app yesterday on the new update provided with a lot of new additions, the most important being support for many new languages, including “French, German, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian” to add more official languages during the next phase.

Also provided application support for the latest version of the Android system “Android Pie”, where now users can get HD in addition to the stickers included in the notifications, with support for display names and also in your notifications.

Not only that, where there is also support for sending images and files to GIF posters directly from the keyboard, with the addition of the button “concealment” in the new notices, which in turn as an option mark as read the messages and finally update of Telegram X is now available to everyone, if you’re interested you can download it from here.

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