Telegram app X now supports polls and the system of notifications for new and more

تطبيق Telegram X يدعم الآن استطلاعات الرأي ونظام إشعارات جديد وأكثر

Over application of Telegram X to the period of free updates, but now he is back with a vengeance, as with the near end of the month of April, the app has received a major update currently supports the Android operating system, which provided a large range of plugins and new enhancements, which most notably system notices a new called its developers as the “2.0 Notifications”, and is only reworked the entire notification system with improved reliability, speed and general behavior of these notifications.

And most importantly, as noted by the developers of the app, these notifications will work even if not connected to the servers of Telegram, for example if you are in a restricted country where service, something else in these notices, which do not receive any notice neglected again, as well as the tide controls the advanced active users.

Moreover, it allows the application Telegram X now users to create polls, and re-drafting multiple accounts through the use of an infinite number of accounts without an increase in the use of the resources of the app, as a feature of the filter chat by type, and Delete chat history on both parties in private conversations and many more.

Finally, know that the updates Telegram X very long, as already mentioned, our most important provided update of new additions, you are interested in reading about the New, be sure to review the source link below now to take advantage of the update and its features go to the application page from here, or carry it with the APK from here.

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