Telegram bypasses the lock with the help of military technology?

According to “Kommersant”, it is possible to bypass locks in the Russian Telegram messenger uses methods similar to the patented about 10 years ago scientists of the Ministry of defense. Or rather, the automatic change of IP addresses, three of the patent for which was registered by specialists of the Military Academy of communication of Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation in 2007-2009.

Former General Director of FSUE “Central scientific research Institute of communication” Andrey Gryazev said that the Ministry of defence patents describe different ways of implementing the idea of “package to package”, said the former General Director of FSUE “Central scientific research Institute of communication” Andrey Gryazev. In fact, this concept, combined with end-to-end encryption successfully enforces Telegram. Individually, these methods would not be as spectacular, said Griazev.

Commenting on the patents of the Ministry of defense, former Director of the special directions of one of the structures Telegram Anton Rosenberg said that the messenger did not use them. In the Telegram for request of the publication is not answered. According to Rosenberg, ideas of ways to bypass locks “are obvious and lie on the surface”. However, Rosenberg is associated with the Telegram a long history of trials — he got fired — and a subscription about nondisclosure, therefore, is unlikely to comment openly.

“In addition, the patent describes how to enable communication between different networks, controlled as a single owner, say, the military, and not controlled by the enemy,— added Mr. Rosenberg.— Whereas in the case of Telegram application source codes are open, and Roskomnadzor can use many different phones to search intermediate addresses used Telegram”.

According to Anton Rosenberg, the main reason why Telegram bypasses lock— a permanent channel of communication with the user devices via push notifications sent from servers to Apple and Google.

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