Telegram has accused the American company in the theft of the brand Gram

In March Telegram during the ICO has attracted $ 1.7 billion. Now Gram became the subject of legal proceedings — the company filed a lawsuit against Lantah LLC. According to the plaintiff, the firm violated trademark law of the Gram. This writes the CCN.

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The lawsuit was filed in branch for the Northern district of California in San Francisco. In this Telegram the representatives claim that bought the rights to a trademark Gram in January 2018 until the beginning of the ICO project. However Lantah LLC a month later tried to register the same brand.

Did the company to obtain the right to use a trademark and what amount Telegram requires as compensation, not reported.

Lantah LLC since the launch of the initial placement of tokens acting in bad faith and trying to benefit from belonging to the us brand.

Chapter Lantah LLC Daniel Jeffery told the publication that his company used the brand Gram before it started to do project of Pavel Durov. The representative of the Telegram, declined to comment on the proceedings.

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