Telegram is prohibited in Russia by virtue of the court

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Reported a Russian court today with the prohibition of access to the service instant messaging secure telegram in Russia, foreshadowing the interruption of the Communications of millions of users, including government officials, the decision came a week after the lifting of the telecommunications authority official Russian lawsuit to limit access to the application telegram Messaging after the company refused to grant the state security services of the Russian access to the messages of its users.

The messaging application security to its users numbering more than 200 million users around the world communicate via encrypted messages cannot be read by third parties, including governmental authorities, and, in turn, stated Pavel Durov., the founder of telegram, has repeatedly said that his company will not hand over the encryption keys to the Russian authorities because they do not share confidential user data with anyone.

The application in Russia is increasingly popular as an application for mobile devices and desktop computer, not only among ordinary people, but is widely used by governmental authorities and, where used by the Kremlin to regulate the timing and make conference calls regularly with the spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, while used by many government officials to deal with the media.

And headed out to Reuters to ask one of the people in the Russian government about how it works without access to the telegram, an individual person, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the problem to send a screen shot of his phone. mobile user VPN application key.

And VPN or VPN popular among Russian users, where the use of such networks and other technologies effectively, depending on the for allowing the text to wrap around the restrictions imposed by the Russian authorities continuously on the internet.

The application telegram is the global network of a second after LinkedIn that is blocked in Russia, where it has been blocked LinkedIn in 2016 when the court found the company guilty of violating the law which requires companies that keep data of Russian citizens stored on the servers in the Russian territory.

Comes the prohibition of the use of the telegram in Russia at a time when the company as the process of job offer an initial in the world similar to bitcoin digital encrypted or process item Ethereum, according to media reports, has compiled the company so far $ 1.7 million from pre-sales through the show.

Telegram is prohibited in Russia by virtue of a court

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