Telegram officially announce the feature support video calls

Announced the service of instant messaging of Telegram the day Friday officially support the feature of video calls, in celebration of 7 years on the launch of their application.

She said the service in a blog post: “today marks the sixth anniversary of the launch of Telegram. We started in 2013 as a small app focuses on messaging safe, and since then, we have the platform includes more than 400 Mellon user”. She added: “The Telegram is now in the list of over 10 apps downloaded and used in all over the world to stay in touch with family, collaborate with friends and companions of the study and coordination with co-workers”.

And boasts a telegram that she didn’t reach this stage on their own, they did not launch any advertising campaigns ever, but if all the users have joined the investigation based on recommendations from people they trust.

Referred service until 2020 highlighted the importance of communicating face to face, so as of today, the initial version of the video calls available on Android. Users can start a video call Page other contact run or stop the camera at any time during the call. And like every video in the Telegram, supports video calls mode picture-in-picture, which will allow users to read conversations and done other things during calls

Confirmed the Telegram that all video calls are encrypted from beginning to end. It will make video calls more features and updates in the later versions, which is able to launch video calls groups in the coming months.

Recall that the advantage of video calls is not available for users of Telegram via the iOS system, attributing a service that Apple failed to review this update at an appropriate time, although they submitted the update to App Store several days ago to send it to the shop to play.

Said The Telegram: “if you use iOS and want to experience video calls; you have to wait for Apple to even allow you, or switch the system has some respect for its users and developers such as Android.”

This, can download the latest version of the Telegram app for Android phones from Play Store, also for iPhones and iPads from the store, the App Store, and can also be downloaded to personal computers from the website of its own.

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