Telegram project worth billions of dollars to develop the digital currency and its purchase

تيليجرام عملة رقمية

تيليجرام عملة رقمية

Publication site TechCrunch a detailed report about the plans and intentions based on the telegram app Telegram in the field of digital currencies and servers decentralization, so after seeing on a formal level, the author of more than 100 pages a private company.

The company intends to develop an open network known as the Telegram Open Network, a test TON, to be the basis for a decentralized technology of the Blockchain that manage the work of a number of new intends to the application provided on behalf of the Gram.

According to official statements, the police intend to ask that the labour for purchase on payments in the hope of raising 500 million USD in funding for the project, this versus buying the equivalent of 3 billion to 5 billion USD from the work of the team digital. With regard to the difference between the value of the Building Society and the real value, the company will continue to resolve for those looking to invest before the official work, which may begin with solutions March 2018.

The site also mentioned that large companies may need to invest at least 20 billion USD, with the exception of a confidant of the founder of the app, which stressed that all investments will be real currencies and will not accept a “bitcoin” to Bitcoin or similar.

The level of telegram steps of the company in detail, the digital will be available to users of the application 180 million users at the moment, this will give the company a broader segment as an initial step might make the Gram work second after “bitcoin” and”item” in the best case.

In order to avoid manipulation of the price of the currency, will keep the company on the 52% of assets, with 4% of workers in the company, to receive that 44% of the investors can get them in the subscription period which may start soon.

As for the mechanism of action technically, the company intends to use the servers are not centralized, and in this form ensures that governments will not have access to the data users and chats of on the one hand, the cooperation of electronic money can not be traced, such as used in “bitcoin”. As the company seeks to use new concepts in cryptography and in generating books to ensure very high performance all the time even with the increased number of users and the number of financial transactions per second.

Can take advantage of the embedded software Bots in the telegram in that analysis also, the presence of platform developers in advance helps to develop new applications based on servers of decentralization and the focus of facing the TON at the level of the world besides the big names at the moment.

As for time of arrival, are the first of this year will rely on ID safe for each user added to a preliminary version of the TON, as the company will launch the electronic purse combining the work of the digital and the real to the user in one place in the last quarter of 2018. Will be the first quarter of 2019 and the beginning of the digital transactions in the network telegram open, on the project to be completed during 2019.

The telegram project is billions of dollars to develop the digital currency and put it up for purchase appeared first on the tech world.

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