Telegram received 850 million of investments by second round pre-ICO

In mid-February, Pavel Durov reported about investments in ICO Telegram. According to the report content, TON Issuer Inc and Telegram Group Inc received $ 850 million from 81 investors. Thus here are not included the inhabitants of the territories under sanctions and their relatives, so that the amount could be more. Now the messenger attracted the same amount.

The second round of ICO Telegram came to an end

The second closed pre-placement of tokens Gram brought the company $ 850 million, reports TASS. Information confirmed by the data of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA.

This time invested 94 investor. The involved sum will go on development of Telegram Open Network, development and maintenance of the messenger Telegram and other purposes. Both rounds brought the team Durova $ 1.7 billion.

With the closing of the second round of investment coincided with the release of the gold coin Gram. Its founders were the masters from Chelyabinsk. Enjoy the first real token here.

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