Telegram relating to a DDoS attack and its president, accusing China

He said the founder and CEO of Telegram – the author of the application instant encrypted famous – Wednesday: if the service is attacked and the letter “of the size of the state”, pointed out that China may be responsible for them.

He said (Pavel Durov.) – who founded the he also chaired the social network of the Russian VK – tweet on Twitter: “I’ve made a service to a strong attack of DDoS, and originating addresses (Internet Protocol) IP, mostly from within China”.

Added Doro to attack comes in conjunction with the protests in Hong Kong. Include denial of service attacks send massive numbers of requests in a single attack target, leading to the interruption of all or part of the service.

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Out of hundreds of thousands of protesters marched in Hong Kong in the current week to protest the controversial law allows the extradition of persons in the city to China. Has condemned the media the Chinese government strongly protests, which it says is driven by external forces, and undermine social stability in Hong Kong.

The service Telegram and other messaging apps encrypted of tools common to the demonstrators at the level of the world, who use them for coordination between some, away from the prying eyes of the authorities.

Referred to to other applications exposed to the development in China during the political movements in Hong Kong also, in 2014, at the height of demonstrations known as the “Umbrella Movement” Umbrella Movement, banned Beijing access to the photo sharing application Instagram within mainland China.

The Chinese officials had denied the previous allegations of waging cyber attacks, noting that China is often the victim of attacks external.


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