Telegram supports the creation of chat by the geographical location of the

Announced the service instant messaging (Telegram) Telegram on Sunday announced the launch of a new update for their application, brings many advantages, which focus on the exchange of contact information with others.

He told The Telegram in a publication on her blog: “in the previous update, well, privacy settings, and we added You a way to control who can see your phone number. Today, we facilitate the exchange of contact information on Telegram”.

The service that all conversations now have a button (Add to Contacts) Add to Contacts at the top. “It allows you to add anyone who sees it to contacts their fast, even if you didn’t know your phone number after”. Can also be blocked directly.

And more new also possibility to add persons nearby, as go to the section (contacts) Contacts, then (add people) Add People Nearby, the user can share contacts information with users of Telegram who stand next to him.

The Telegram also feature (the chat list on the site) Location-Based Chats, which lets the department (people close to) People Nearby New – besides adding people nearby. join (nearby communities) Groups Nearby, who knows the names of nearby communities geographically with after a in meters, and the number of members, it also scans the establishment (local group) Local Group.

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He said The Telegram, in its publication: he became able to project groups and channels the transfer of administration to other users. As improved (exceptions notifications), it has become possible to test the chat that the user wants to view the their.

With regard to the privileges of running without the other, it has become users can operating system (iOS) iOS use tests digital assistant (Siri) Siri to open the chat.

This, can download the latest version of the Telegram app for Android phones from Play Store, also for iPhones and iPads from the store, the App Store, and can also be downloaded to personal computers from the website of its own.

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