Telegram X is a new application from the telegram

Telegram app X swing faster and smoother in comparison with Telegram app platform, along with supplied a number of experimental features.

In 2015, he released Pavel Durov. Pavel Durov developer of the messaging application famous telegram immediately telegram on Android, which is the contest that was supposed to encourage developers to develop apps freelancing adopt a written development of telegram is multi platform, known simply as TDLib.

In the month of March 2016 revealed the ROI on that application Challegram app is the winner of the challenge, which is considered as the application telegram is not official, but it spread rapidly depending on the To provide the speed and smoothness of the largest in terms of usage, prompting the company telegram acquire them, and re-launched under the name of Telegram X.

Apart from that Telegram X seems smoother and faster than the telegram app platform, the new app also has some experimental features that you may not being added to the telegram, for example you can long press on conversations until you get the preview popup in case you don’t want to open those conversations at the moment.

As the application also provides the possibility to change the text size, which is considered a useful feature for those who may suffer from difficulty reading regular-size people, along with supplied for night mode comfortable to read, and you can use your login details within the application’s original subscription within the Telegram X.

You can experience the app by downloading it from the Google Play Store: Click here.


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