Telephone “block Qi” is coming soon from HTC

Revealed Villa Chi is responsible for the development of the telephone Exodus coming from HTC, that company will launch the phone which will by the technique of block Qi soon and on the end of the year, during an interview with Website The Verge.

Phil said during the interview that the upcoming phone from HTC will be priced at 999 $ any same price phone block Qi the other Sirin Labs Finney. He also revealed during the interview that he wishes to be released phone in the world only to development of private law in China often you will get access to it.

Previously noted a number of reports that the phone will without a cool purse for digital. Wallet cold is a wallet not connected to the internet so difficult to steal it from work via the.

Also reported previously that the phone will support apps that are not localized as that every phone will be a point connected to the block Qi is completely new. In addition it was reported that the phone will be able to run the game CryptoKitties based on the block Chi, which is occupied by a number of phones already.

And even now with regret there’s not a lot of detail about the possibilities of the phone away from the advantages of the block Qi. Anyway, there doesn’t seem to be convincing for its price, especially for those who are not interested in, convinced by block Chi or digital currencies. Phone HTC the most expensive in its history so now is the HTC U12 Plus the price of $ 849.

If you are interested in this phone you can get it from the official website of the company where the company now for pre-booking also remember that there, they’ll have it early during the second quarter of 2018.

Version of the phone with the word block Chi next to him currently, that is not the only idea of marketing to ride the wave of the spread of technical and digital is currently not more, where the idea was appropriate, maybe not the current time is the time to implement them.

The technique of block Qi is a technology that allows communication between devices and data storage is centralized which is not spoken by anybody, which is a technique used in a number of different applications currently.

What is your opinion on the idea of phone blocks your Chi? We shared your opinion.

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