Telescope Chandra continued to work after a week hibernation

Recently, space Agency NASA has detected a fault in the telescope “Chandra” and translated it into safe mode. The damage was found in the gyro because of the same problem weeks earlier was off the telescope “Hubble”. Changing the position of the solar panels and mirrors, and making backups of the data “Chandra” week was in sleep mode. Fortunately, NASA employees quickly understand the essence of the fault and corrected it — the unit is back in working condition.

After careful examination of the failure revealed that the gyroscope of the device an error occurred that caused an incorrect calculation of the driving force. At the moment the problem is fixed, and Chandra will continue to collect data after correction of the software. .

Unit Chandra 19 years. One of the most important sensors are spectrometers that could detect x-ray radiation emanating from regions near black holes, supernova remnants and clusters of galaxies. The equipment of the device allows to consider in detail these objects.

Space telescopes like Chandra and Hubble have mechanical components that can break. Fortunately, according to a senior astrophysicist at Harvard Smithsonian Center for astrophysics Belinda Wilkes, telescope, Chandra is able to last for another 5-10 years.

The increase of the period of work of 28-year-old Hubble to boast of, alas, can not. In March 2021, NASA plans to replace it with the telescope “James Webb”. The performance of the new telescope is carefully checked — in early September, was confirmed by the normal operation of the communication system.

Do you believe that Chandra will last another decade and surpass the record duration of the “Hubble”? Their forecasts can write in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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