Template cover Galaxy Note 20 of the condom gives us a glimpse of the design potential of the phone

Galaxy s20

With the issuance of the series phones Galaxy S20 Series, I started shopping in the transformation to a series of Galaxy Note 20 Series. While Samsung usually updated the series phones Galaxy Note Series at the end of the summer, we have already seen some initial rumors about this lineup. Now we also have an idea about the design potential of the situation against the background of your phone Galaxy Note 20.

According to law protective cover for Galaxy Note 20 LED View Cover official published by the famous warrior Roland Quandt, the flagship phone next Samsung will be used in turn a new design language that will turn on the camera module rectangular in the top left corner of the backend. Looks like the camera module in this model is exactly similar in terms of size of the unit of the camera in the phone Galaxy S20 Ultra. In the case if we take the practice of Samsung in the past into consideration, it makes sense to get model at least one of the Galaxy Note 20 on this setting.


It seems that the breaker studs in a protective cover located on the right side other than the series phones Galaxy Note 10 Series that have these buttons on the left side.

The leaks and rumors we have received so far stating that the lineup of Galaxy Note 20 Series will be the processor Snapdragon 865, and the rate of update reaches 120Hz. However, there is still plenty of time to hear more about this series ahead.


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