Ten phones from Xiaomi company in the row to get updated to Android 9 Pie

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

Buy the Xiaomi company take care of that Hobby, its smart to provide them with updates. Revealed the latest information that has been posted on the MIUI forum that the ten phones of the company will receive the update Android 9 Pie with test two of them at the global level in late March. Will five other phones to the list by June, while the three phones did not get yet on a schedule, but updates are under development also.

Luckily for all the millions of Xiaomi, apply the list on devices that work Rome MIUI Chinese and Pro MIUI world. Once you become a BETA version ready for the test Year, expected the company to know about it in their forum and in their application. Official explained at the forum that the list is incomplete, will be updated as soon as you decide company Xiaomi upgrade another phone to the Android 9 Pie.

PhoneThe launch schedule demo
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2Q2 2019
Xiaomi Mi 6Q2 2019
Xiaomi Redmi 6AQ2 2019
Xiaomi Redmi 6Q2 2019
Xiaomi Mi Note 3Q2 2019
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5Q1 2019
Xiaomi Redmi S2/Y2Q1 2019
Xiaomi Mi9 ExplorerIs still under development
Xiaomi Mi 6XIs still under development
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 ProIs still under development

We’ve tried already Android 9 Pie on the phone continued to buy Xiaomi, we are talking here about the Xiaomi phone Mi9. Brings this update new features, like putting a Picture in Picture, and the API password, and patient, as well as improved notifications, etc. In general no company Xiaomi is associating updates the user interface with the operating system package, so you may get Android 9 Pie even if the phone still works one MIUI old.


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