Tencent and BlackShark will work together on a smart phone, a new wave of players

BlackShark 2---

Tencent Games is the largest company to develop games in the world, they are behind some of the most successful games available on the market today, including PUBG: Mobile and Arena Of Valor. As a result, it is certainly a well-known company in the world of mobile games. We heard about the ambitions of the company in the creation of phone Games own a while ago, has announced the company Tencent Games now for their plans to work with the company BlackShark on a new device in order to enhance both hardware and software.

Wouldn’t be the first time in which the company Tencent Games with a manufacturer of smart phones, we have seen the police already engaged in the process of developing the phone Asus ROG Phone 2 Tencent Edition in the month of July. Will focus new deal with the company BlackShark on cooperation in the field of mobile gaming with the ultimate goal of which is to give users a gaming experience optimized mobile.

Although there is no clear evidence on the actual device available, indicate some of the rumors that the BlackShark the next 3 could be the first product that takes advantage of the cooperation between the two companies. Expected to come BlackShark 3 with a screen stretching device accurately QuadHD display rate of update is high up to 120Hz, and with the processor Snapdragon 865 latest from Qualcomm, as well as with up to 16GB of memory random note that it will also support 5G.

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