Tencent and Xiaomi, and Oppo choose operating system to buy for Huawei, it will be faster than Android, by about 60%

Huawei P30 Pro --

Earlier today, we heard that Huawei will be launching its smart phones first time you use the operating system’s knowledge, currently in the name of HongMeng OS in October China. Having said that, has now released a new report from the newspaper Global Times of China, which is one of the speakers in the name of the government, indicates that Huawei choose intensely own operating system, HongMeng OS with large domestic companies and other manufacturers of smart phones, and it will launch the new operating system in the next few months.

According to the Global Times of China, there seems to be many large Chinese enterprises, including Tencent and Xiaomi and Oppo and Vivo and many of the telecommunications companies that are actively working with Huawei to support system HongMeng OS forward, which is also regarded as a big blow for the campaign led by the United States against China.

The report, which appeared earlier this today explained that the company Huawei is planning to launch the new operating system of its own HongMeng OS in autumn this year, and exactly in the month of October, but there are some other reports that hinted to the possibility of its launch early next year along with series phones Huawei P40 Series. Thus, reports are conflicting regarding the launch date of the new operating system, this explains why he told an executive at Huawei newspaper Global Times of China that the date of the actual launch is still ” secret “.

And mentioned the newspaper Global Times, noted in her address to the new operating system, a subsidiary of Huawei will be faster by about 60 percent compared with Android, at least that’s what was told to the Press by Mr. Richard Yu, who held the post of chief executive of the Department devices consumer company Huawei.


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