Tencent is interested in creating a smart phone for games, and to cooperate with one of the big companies in this area

Asus ROG Phone

Released today the report of new China to the effect that the company and Tencent leading the development of the Games continues with many of the smartphone manufacturers about the possibility of making phone games. You can carry this phone particular brand or common brand. According to this report, it appears that the company, Tencent is in talks with companies like Asus and Razer and Xiaomi and Wentai. However, the presence of strong business relationships like these, you can figure out why it would be good to use a common brand.

Is likely to use the phone Tencent Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm. This is not surprising given that all phones games that have been manufactured by the companies mentioned above used processors Snapdragon of Qualcomm.

Mentioned site DigiTimes in the month of February last that the company Tencent want to help Asus launch the Asus ROG Phone new, but the company Razer has shown interest also partnered with the Chinese company centered around Phone Razer Phone 2.

In case you haven’t heard about the company Tencent before, it seems you don’t take too much notice, this is the company behind many of the big games such as League Of Legends and Clash Of Clans with the knowledge that they have classes important in other companies the developer for games such as Ubisoft and Activision-Blizzard. Moreover, they own a 40 percent stake in the company Epic Games which is behind the development of the game very successful Fortnite. Given the involvement of Tencent, it is likely to comes phone games coming from the company in advance of with Games Store Epic Games Store launched by the company Epic Games recently.

Possess Tencent has also a distribution company and film production, as well as two of the music services, not to mention the search engine and the maps and instant messaging applications WeChat and QQ, and social networks including Weibo.

Depending on the strategy that will be used, it could be the phone is just a platform to distribute entertainment content subsidiary of Tencent or up to the point of making it free of services and applications, a subsidiary of Google.

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