Tesla announces intention to layoffs of 3,000 employees to cut expenses and restructure the company

Tesla model-s-001

Detection CEO of Tesla, Mr. Elon Musk recently announced that his company plans to cut its workforce by 7 percent, this means if the company has 3000 workers. At the same time, revealed to us by Tesla that its earnings in the fourth quarter of last year less than those achieved in the third quarter, and that’s what caused the decline of the value of the shares of the company increased by 7.2 percent in early trading yesterday.

According to the news agency, Bloomberg, has reported that the company Tesla currently subject to significant pressure to reduce their expenses having exceeded the year’s ” most difficult ” in its history, at least according to its CEO Elon Musk. While the company succeeded in raising the rate of production car Tesla Model 3, the total produced by the company in the fourth quarter of last year was lower than analysts ‘ expectations.

In the past year, the company increased the number of employees has increased by 30 percent to become the number of workers is greater than the company can afford. Thus, the company decided to study the situation and give up 7 percent of its workforce to reduce costs relatively with the knowledge that they decided to recently reduce the price of their policies to offset the impact of the American administration’s decision to cut tax incentives for my project car Tesla electric by half. Scheduled to reduce the tax incentives again in the month of July next, before completely belong to these incentives at the end of the current year.

Regardless of the situation of the company, has hinted Mr. Elon Musk company Tesla will face a lot of difficulties in the future to make electric car prices are acceptable.


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