Tesla can now build a plant in China with the right to 100% ownership of

By changing the position of the administration of the President of the PRC in relation to foreign automakers, Tesla can build its own plant in China and become its 100% owner.

Earlier the foreign automakers could own no more than 50% of the shares in the local factories. Now, the Chinese authorities changed their position that can attract companies such as Tesla for their market. By the way, it will also help Chinese buyers of Tesla to avoid a 25% tax on cars.

The issue of the import and export of cars in the United States and China raised Elon Musk on Twitter, sending a series of messages to Donald Trump. The businessman told the US President about the problems Tesla, which has faced a 25% import duty and the laws of China, which prohibit foreign carmakers to own more than 50% of local production capacity.

After this administration, trump released his own plan to impose duties on Chinese goods worth more than $ 50 billion, including cars. In response, the Chinese government has added electric vehicles to its own list of products that will be overlaid with new duties.

But last week China has softened its position, and now restrictions on the ownership of production capacity in China officially lifted.

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