Tesla cars can be fixed independently

Автомобиль Tesla

Tesla has not the easy times. At the end of September 2018 its founder Elon Musk has lost his post as head of the Board of Directors, and the company was fined $ 20 million. After a time there was an important and joyful event — the producer of electric cars for the first time in the last two years made a profit. To enter the stable channel, the company is clearly trying not to break the law. It became known that she even let the owners of electric cars to repair their cars.

A law requiring manufacturers to provide manuals to repair and sell spare parts, enters in an increasing number of U.S. States. First, he was concerned with electronics and other equipment, but in Massachusetts it is also effective against vehicles. Soon the requirement will spread to other States.

Каталог запчастей Tesla

In order not to violate the requirements imposed by law, the company Tesla has created a special section on the website describing every detail of branded cars. Parts catalog relevant to the whole model line: Model 3, Model S, Model X and Roadster classic. Sketches on the pages to reveal new details about such details as the rear suspension Tesla Model 3. To view the guide, you must log on to the website of the company.

Publish the Handbook might mean that in the near future to buy car parts, Tesla can not only service centers, but also ordinary owners of electric cars. Most automakers have agreed to provide documentation and spare parts much earlier, so that a failure by Tesla would have looked very strange.

In 2016 we already had news related to the repair of Tesla. Then it was reported that the company partially paid for the repair not even warranty electric cars on the condition that the owners will not tell anyone about the failure.

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