Tesla cars will automatically call tow truck in case of breakage

Tesla is constantly improving their cars, but from damage during the drive no one is safe. The fault can be detected directly in the middle of a busy road — it can be as serious electronic failure, so banal and descent of the wheel. In any case, the driver will have to call a tow truck and contact the service center. During a recent communication with investors, Elon Musk announced that in the coming years, he intends to accelerate the repair of vehicles.

Автомобиль Tesla на эвакуаторе

In particular, he spoke about two new ideas. First, he wants to equip Tesla cars automatically call a tow truck, when detected, serious damage. Second, he intends seriously to check the status of service centers and make sure they always have enough spare parts to repair electric cars.

Elon Musk hopes to minimize the waiting time of emergency vehicles. To implement the function of automatic call, the company will have to establish partnerships with providers of emergency services. To do this in a couple of major cities is easy, however, to deploy the technology on a large scale would be extremely problematic. Also the company should come up with protection from false positives — most likely, drivers will be able to cancel the call control panel.

As for service centers, Elon Musk very unhappy with their work. He announced that the strategy of some of them “absolutely stupid”, and it is important to change the relation to some processes. For example, one of the service centers of China are faced with the fact that when ordering spare parts, Chinese production of its first parcel sent from China to USA, and then again returned home.

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