Tesla finally began to make Model 3

Tesla had to go through “production hell” to build Model 3, but now the car has helped the company set a new record: $ 4 billion of revenue in the second quarter of 2018, as it became known from the reports released on Wednesday. Also reached another milestone: Tesla Model 3 brings in some money. The plan is to sell a more expensive version of the Tesla in the mass market that the company didn’t die, and it works.

Gross profit in Model 3, the measure of income, which the company extracts after production costs, in the second quarter was “slightly positive.” This is despite the fact that the production is actively growing, and Tesla has not delivered any of the expensive AWD version of the car. “This is a significant achievement for the Model 3”, the company said.

Until recently, Tesla was losing money on each Model 3, which is supplied. They say that the gross margin Model 3, “will increase substantially” to around 15% in the third quarter and 20% in the fourth quarter, thanks to “continuous reduction of production costs and overall improvement”. The purpose of the Mask is to “be profitable and increase cash flow on a quarterly basis”.

It is expected that Tesla will make from 50 000 to 55 000 Model 3 in the 3rd quarter, representing an increase from 75 to 92 percent compared to the second quarter. Delivery will also begin to catch up with production when stabiliziruemost delivery system. This is a hint that the Model 3 is ready for shipment.

Now Tesla continues to produce “approximately” 5000 Model 3 a week — that goal it reached in late June. By the end of August the company will achieve a production of 6,000 vehicles, and by the beginning of 2019 — 10 000. In the second quarter, the company produced 28 578 Model 3 and sent 18 449 of them.

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