Tesla is approaching the support of “authentication” in the application of its policies

The president approved the CEO of Tesla (Elon Musk) on Friday that the company “is being delayed in an awkward” in asking the security layer (known as authentication) 2FA for its application on portable devices.

Wrote Holder on Friday in response to a question from one of followers on Twitter: “I’m sorry, this is late is embarrassing.” He added: “subject to authentication via SMS or applications to authenticate to the ultimate challenge at the current time”.

The Musk had said in the month of April: the energy security of the additional “coming soon”. He had spoke the first time about adding two-factor authentication in May 2019. Have intensified the owners of Tesla cars to their demands by adding two-factor authentication, especially as it is available in most of the other technical services.

And authentication – also known as two – step verification- something known by the user, such as: password, with something in hand, such as: the phone. And this is a way to verify that the real account owner – or the owner of the car – says log in not a beggar.

And adopt some of the web sites on this feature by sending a code to the user via text message, but can be hackers intercepted. There is a safer way to do that is to send the code via a mobile application, so often called authentication, which is preferred by safety experts.

It is believed that the strengthening of security in the application of Tesla to mobile devices is a pressing particular. The application Tesla’s an important tool for car owners, as it gives them control many of the functions in their cars.

When you enable Bluetooth, the application of Tesla drivers use their phones as a key to models Tesla cars later. The app also allows the user to lock and unlock the doors and the fund on the after, forming a heating system, ventilation, and air conditioning, control of shipment, control and locate the car, scheduling service, in addition to other possibilities.

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