Tesla is making a surfboard for $ 1,500?

Tesla is no stranger to branded merch. That’s standard for the company – hats, shirts, cups, etc. Sometimes it’s something weird like a miniature Tesla for children and USB chargers in the form of a Supercharger. Now in this list – surfboards. After the appearance of the product on the company’s page, he disappeared, but then returned with the inscription “sold”. The description was this:

“Engineered Tesla Design Studio in collaboration with Lost Surfboards and Matt “Mayhem” Bilsom surfboards made especially for athletes World Stuff League Championship. Limited edition is a blend of high quality Mat and Shine, which are available for all our vehicles. The Board is reinforced with a light carbon fiber Black Dart, which is in the interiors of our cars and distinctive logos with a slight contrast brilliance.”


At a price of $ 1,500 this Board will definitely be expensive. The majority of boards from Lost, which worked together with Tesla, go for 700-800 dollars.

It was also known that a total of 200 boards had to go in 2-10 weeks. Of course, they sold out.

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